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  1. electric pumps
  2. Eli Whitney
  3. banking
  4. Roman Catholic
  5. cotton
  1. a Often African-Americans were brought into north Louisiana as slaves to labor on the ___ plantations.
  2. b Just as the Protestant branch of Christianity was dominant in north Louisiana, the ___ branch of Christianity is predominant in south Louisiana.
  3. c New Orleans has long been a center of ___ serving the agricultural and later industrial sectors of Louisiana's economy.
  4. d Areas once uninhabitable around Uptown and the French Quarter were made livable by ___.
  5. e The cotton gin, invented by ___, increased demand for land for cotton farming.

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  1. Improvements in public health and medicine reduced disease-related fears of living in the ___ environment of New Orleans.
  2. North Louisiana has historically been more associated with the ___ branch of the Christian faith, though other faiths have long been represented in the region.
  3. Many ___ moved west into north Louisiana to raise cotton.
  4. ___ made the commute from the Garden District to Downtown faster and encouraged the development of residential districts around New Orleans.
  5. The ___ were Canadians expelled by the British. They came after the original wave of French immigration.

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  1. CaddoThe first off-shore oil rig was built on ___ Lake.


  2. Air conditioning___ and refrigeration made life in the hot and humid city of New Orleans more bearable.


  3. Norbert Rillieux___invented the process to refine chunky turbinado crystals into refined white sugar.


  4. Roman CatholicBoth the Spanish and French nations are historically associated with the ___ faith.


  5. New Orleans___ was established to enable the French to control trade on the Mississippi River. It remains a major American port city.


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