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GLE09 -- Perceptions and Uses of Louisiana's Regions Test

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  1. Acadians
  2. Bienville
  3. Anglo-Americans
  4. sugar cane
  5. Roman Catholic
  1. a Both the Spanish and French nations are historically associated with the ___ faith.
  2. b The ___ were Canadians expelled by the British. They came after the original wave of French immigration.
  3. c Many ___ moved west into north Louisiana to raise cotton.
  4. d Though established by the French under ___ in 1718, New Orleans has long been home to many ethnic groups that form its unique cultural gumbo.
  5. e The French created ___ plantations and brought the first African slaves into Louisiana to work in the cane fields.

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  1. Improvements in public health and medicine reduced disease-related fears of living in the ___ environment of New Orleans.
  2. New Orleans has long been a center of ___ serving the agricultural and later industrial sectors of Louisiana's economy.
  3. ___invented the process to refine chunky turbinado crystals into refined white sugar.
  4. Africans forced into slavery in Haiti were coerced into adopting Roman Catholicism. However, they blended Catholic saints with old African gods and formed ___. It arrived in New Orleans with refugees from a slave revolt in Haiti.
  5. The first off-shore oil rig was built on ___ Lake.

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  1. Native AmericanAfricans were imported as slaves because ___ slaves died from smallpox or escaped into familiar country.


  2. electric pumpsPlaces shape people as they adapt to various ___.


  3. cottonThe first off-shore oil rig was built on ___ Lake.


  4. peltsThe original business of Louisiana was the trade in ___ between the French and Native Americans.


  5. oilOff-shore ___ rigs in the Gulf of Mexico brought ___ refining to South Louisiana in the 1960s.


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