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to his coy mistress

he is trying to get a women to have sex with him but she doesnt want to, he says she is worth all eternity but no one lives forever so if he doesnt take her virginity the worms will


using hyperbole, bitter at women no fair or honest women, impossible things

meditation 17

the bell tolls for you if you think if tolls for you, if you help someone who is suffering you will be close to gd, if someone is suffering so are you

a valediction forbidding mourning

He's leaving his wife; He doesn't want her to cry/show emotion: he says it'll weaken their love; just because our bodies are separated, doesn't mean we are

death be not proud

Death has no right to be proud if it is but a slave to fate, and will ultimately be conquered when the soul lives on,death is a slave to sickness

to lucasta on going to war

- by Lovelace
- hero is leaving lucasta and going to the enemy
- wouldn't be worthy of her ; has to love his honor in order to be worthy to her
- applies language of warfare to love
- if narrator wasn't willing to go to war, then wouldn't deserve Lucasta's love

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