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  1. Robert Owen
  2. George Stevenson
  3. Contagious Disease Act of 1864
  4. Abraham Darby
  5. The Rocket
  1. a In 1709, he used coal to smelt iron, or separate iron from its ore. When he discovered that coal gave off impurities that damaged the iron; he found a way to remove the impurities from coal, leading to better quality/ cheaper iron.
  2. b Stevenson's engine that won him a prize in 1829. Pulled a load 3x it's own weight at 30 mph, could outrun a horse.
  3. c Established a principle of communal regulation to improve the work and character of his employees., Welsh industrialist and social reformer who founded cooperative communities (1771-1858)
  4. d Built the world's first railroad line and he designed and built 4 locomotives that were used. Father of the modern railroad.
  5. e The Act of 1864 stated that women found to be infected could be interned in locked hospitals for up to three months, a period gradually extended to one year with the 1869 Act. These measures were justified by medical and military officials as the most effective method to shield men from venereal disease.

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  1. Plants that are grown for animals to feed off so they can stay in pens.
  2. The transformation of farming that resulted in the eighteenth century from the spread of new crops, improvements in cultivation techniques and livestock breeding, and consolidation of small holdings into large farms from which tenants were expelled.
  3. Scottish engineer and inventor whose improvements in the steam engine led to its wide use in industry (1736-1819)
  4. Raised capital, almost always locally from relatives, friends, or members of the church; had to understand latest methods for building and powering machinery; had to know how to market goods.
  5. Allowed medical officers and inspectors to enter homes and businesses in the name of public health. The state could condemn private property for posing health hazards.

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  1. Josiah WedgwoodEnglish industrialist whose pottery works were the first to produce fine-quality pottery by industrial methods.


  2. Cottage IndustryManufacturing based in homes rather than in a factory, commonly found before the Industrial Revolution. Families used their own equipment.


  3. Eli Whitneyexternal-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder


  4. Henry CourtStevenson's engine that won him a prize in 1829. Pulled a load 3x it's own weight at 30 mph, could outrun a horse.


  5. Meadow floatingIn order to combat the issue of not having food/water for animals, farmed flood low-lying land near streams in the winter to prevent ground from freezing and then drained the water which produce an early grass for animals to eat


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