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  1. venue (n.)
  2. alleviate (v.)
  3. gravitas (n.)
  4. disprove (v.)
  5. litigate (v.)
  1. a To lighten, lessen, or relieve, especially physical or mental suffereing
  2. b Great or very dignified seriousness
  3. c To carry on a lawsuit by judical process
  4. d a) The place where trial is held b) The locale of an event
  5. e To show that something is not what it has claimed to be

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  1. Absolute honesty and uprightness
  2. inclined to seek out risk or danger, bold, daring, adventurous
  3. the coming or arrival
  4. A person of thorougly bad character
  5. origin or source

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  1. gravity (n.)Weighty importance, seriousness, or dignity


  2. leavening (n.)Frivolity, lack of appropriate seriousness


  3. approbation (n.)An official act of approving; praise, usually given with enthusiasm


  4. prodigal (adj.)Pregnant or enlarged with something


  5. levity (n.)Frivolity, lack of appropriate seriousness


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