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  1. alleviate (v.)
  2. litigate (v.)
  3. approbation (n.)
  4. prodigal (adj.)
  5. gravitas (n.)
  1. a Great or very dignified seriousness
  2. b An official act of approving; praise, usually given with enthusiasm
  3. c To carry on a lawsuit by judical process
  4. d Recklessly or wastefully extravagant; spendthrift
  5. e To lighten, lessen, or relieve, especially physical or mental suffereing

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  1. Absolute honesty and uprightness
  2. To move or be drawn toward something; especially by natural tendency or as if by an invisible force.
  3. a)To lift up or raise b) to raise in rank or status
  4. To show that something is not what it has claimed to be
  5. Something that lightens and raises

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  1. venue (n.)a) The place where trial is held b) The locale of an event


  2. advent (n.)the coming or arrival


  3. provenance (n.)origin or source


  4. synagogue (n.)a) The place where trial is held b) The locale of an event


  5. levity (n.)Frivolity, lack of appropriate seriousness


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