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  1. Adduction
  2. Osteoclasts
  3. Dislocation
  4. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Fluoride
  5. Osteons
  1. a displacement of a bone from a joint with tearing of ligaments, tendons, and articular capsules
  2. b bone degrading cells
  3. c Movement toward the median plane of the body
  4. d Structural unit of compact bone
  5. e Minerals found in the body

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  1. movement in which there is a decrease in the angle between two bones
  2. Tough connection tissue membrane that covers the bone, responsible for bone growth.
  3. contains few spaces and is the strongest form of bone tissue, makes up the bulk of the diaphyses of long bones
  4. Hematoma, granulation tissue, callus formation, ossification
  5. the bones are held together by cartilage, allows little to no movement.

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  1. canaliculiirregular lattice of thin plates of spongy bone tissue.


  2. CircumductionMovement toward the median plane of the body


  3. ArthroscopyAn increase in the angle between two bones


  4. TendonsStructural unit of compact bone


  5. Effects of ExerciseResponsible for a bone growing lengthwise


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