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  1. Dislocation
  2. Ligament
  3. Osteogenic cells
  4. lacuna
  5. Flexion
  1. a unspecialized stem cells that can divide to produce new cells
  2. b movement in which there is a decrease in the angle between two bones
  3. c where osteocytes reside
  4. d dense regular connective tissue that attaches bone to bone
  5. e displacement of a bone from a joint with tearing of ligaments, tendons, and articular capsules

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  1. movement of the distal end of a body part in a circle (in a cone)
  2. contains few spaces and is the strongest form of bone tissue, makes up the bulk of the diaphyses of long bones
  3. Hematoma, granulation tissue, callus formation, ossification
  4. procedure for examining the interior of a joint, usually the knee. used to determine the extent of damage, remove torn cartilage, repair cruciate ligaments, and obtain samples for analysis
  5. freely movable joints with a synovial cavity

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  1. Osteoclastsbone degrading cells


  2. Yellow Bone Marrowproduces red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets by a process called hemopoiesis


  3. Strainforcible wrenching or twisting of a joint with partial rupture or other injury to its attachments without dislocation. disarticulation at a joint between ligaments.


  4. PeriosteumStructural unit of compact bone


  5. Hyoid Boneattach muscle to bone


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