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  1. Yellow Bone Marrow
  2. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Fluoride
  3. Circumduction
  4. Periosteum
  5. Articular Cartilage
  1. a Minerals found in the body
  2. b consists mainly of adipocytes, which store triglycerides
  3. c Tough connection tissue membrane that covers the bone, responsible for bone growth.
  4. d hyaline cartilage attached to articular bone surfaces
  5. e movement of the distal end of a body part in a circle (in a cone)

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  1. tendons or muscles
  2. irregular lattice of thin plates of spongy bone tissue.
  3. a bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis, just as pivot and ball-and-socket joints
  4. an immovable fibrous joint that joins skull bones
  5. attach muscle to bone

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  1. Abductionmovement away from midline of the body


  2. Ligamentwhere osteocytes reside


  3. Osteogenic cellsmature bone cells, the most numerous cells in osseous tissue and maintain its daily metabolism


  4. Epiphyseal LineResponsible for a bone growing lengthwise


  5. Spongy Bone Tissuedoes not contain osteons. consists of lamellae that are arranged in an irregular lattice of this columns of bone.


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