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  1. Arthroscopy
  2. Healing process of fracture
  3. Opterator foramen
  4. Tendons
  5. Epiphyseal Line
  1. a biggest foramen in body
  2. b Responsible for a bone growing lengthwise
  3. c attach muscle to bone
  4. d procedure for examining the interior of a joint, usually the knee. used to determine the extent of damage, remove torn cartilage, repair cruciate ligaments, and obtain samples for analysis
  5. e Hematoma, granulation tissue, callus formation, ossification

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  1. held together by dense connective tissue, no synovial cavity. Holds bones together and allows little to no movement.
  2. consists mainly of adipocytes, which store triglycerides
  3. Tough connection tissue membrane that covers the bone, responsible for bone growth.
  4. movement away from midline of the body
  5. hyaline cartilage attached to articular bone surfaces

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  1. Cartilaginous Jointsthe bones are held together by cartilage, allows little to no movement.


  2. AdductionMovement toward the median plane of the body


  3. Dislocationa bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis, just as pivot and ball-and-socket joints


  4. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, FluorideHematoma, granulation tissue, callus formation, ossification


  5. RotationStructural unit of compact bone


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