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  1. straight angle
  2. point
  3. octagon
  4. Rotation
  5. Faces
  1. a Turning a figure around a point (vertex). Placing your finger on one corner of the figure, and turing the object around your finger.
  2. b 8 sides, 8 angles
  3. c This marks and exact location in space.
  4. d An angle that measures 180 degrees.
  5. e The flat surfaces of solid figures

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  1. Line where two faces come together.
  2. A polyhedron with only one base.
  3. A polygon that has sides of equal measure, and has angles of equal measure.
  4. Lines that cross at one point.
  5. Movement of a figure that does not change it's size or shape.

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  1. Angles of a QuadrilateralAdd up to 360 degrees.


  2. right angleAn angle that measures 180 degrees.


  3. polygon8 sides, 8 angles


  4. SimilarFigures that have the same shape, but different sizes.


  5. Angles of a TriangleAdd up to 180 degrees.


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