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  1. hudjw
  2. Rotation
  3. line
  4. straight angle
  5. acute angle
  1. a Turning a figure around a point (vertex). Placing your finger on one corner of the figure, and turing the object around your finger.
  2. b An angle that measures 180 degrees.
  3. c Flipping a figure over a line (mirror). Figure is now in the opposite direction.
  4. d An endless straight path. Has no end points
  5. e An angle that measures less than 90 degrees.

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  1. Part of line that goes on forever in one direction. Has one end point.
  2. A solid figure with faces that are polygons.
  3. 6 sides, 6 angles
  4. An endless flat surgace. Named by three points.
  5. Sliding of a figure in a straight line. The figure does not change direction.

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  1. Triangle3 sides, 3 angles


  2. octagon8 sides, 8 angles


  3. pointA polyhedron that has two congruent (exactly the same) bases.


  4. CongruentFigures that have the same size and shape.


  5. obtuse angleAn angle that measures less than 90 degrees.


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