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  1. thyrohyoid (infrahyoid) O&I and action
  2. pharyngeal constrictor muscle O&I and action
  3. levator veli palatini O&I and action
  4. palatopharyngeus muscle O&I and action
  5. sternohyoid (infrahyoid) O&I and action
  1. a O: thyroid cartilage
    I: hyoid bone
    A; depressing hyoid bone, raises thyroid cartilage and larynx
  2. b O: temporal bone
    I: median palatine raphe
    A: raises soft palate to contact posterior pharyngeal wall (food goes down), helps with speech
  3. c O: sternum
    I: hyoid bone
    A: fix stabilize hyoid
  4. d O: soft palate
    I: pharynx
    A: moves palate posteroinferiorly and opens pharynx for swallowing and drives food down
  5. e (Muscle of pharynx)-superior, middle, inferior
    O:(superior)hamulus, mandible, pterygomandibular raphe
    I: median paryngeal raphe
    A: raise pharynx/larynx, help drive food into esophagus during swallowing

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  1. stylopharyngeus, pharyngeal constrictor and palatal pharyngeus. speaking, swallowing, middle ear function
  2. O: mandible
    I: chin
    A: raises chin, thinking or concentration, doubt
  3. O: frontal bone (supraorbital region)
    I: eyebrow (lateral)
    A:draws tissue of eyebrow medially/inferiorly toward nose (vertical wrinkles in glabella; horizontal wrinkles at bridge of nose-frown)
  4. O: frontal bone
    I: eyebrow medial
  5. incl. post. belly of digastric and stylohyoid muscles

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  1. depressor llabii inferioris O&I and actionO: mandible
    I: lower lip
    A: depresses lower lip, exposes mand incisors, IRONY


  2. Which 2 cervical muscles of the neck are superficial and easily palpated?sternocleidomastoid and trapezius


  3. omohyoid (infrahyoid) superior belly O&IO: thyroid cartilage
    I: hyoid bone
    A; depressing hyoid bone, raises thyroid cartilage and larynx


  4. platysma O&I and actionO: median palatine raphe (soft palate area)
    I: tongue
    A: elevates/arches tongue, depressing soft palate toward tongue, moves food down


  5. muscles of soft palatein superficial fascia of facial tissues


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