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  1. name muscles of facial expression in eye region
  2. depressor llabii inferioris O&I and action
  3. How many smile muscles?
  4. muscle of the uvula Origin and action
  5. stylopharyngeus muscle O&I and action
  1. a O: Tissue projection that hangs inferiorly form posterior soft palate
    A: shortens/broadens uvula; so soft palate closely adapts to posterior pharyngeal wall (food goes down)
  2. b orbicularis oculi, corrugator, and procerus
  3. c 5; levator labii superioris, levator anguli oris, risorius, zygomaticus minor, zygomaticus major
  4. d (muscle of pharynx)
    O: styloid process of temporal bone
    I: later./post. pharyngeal walls
    A: elevates pharynx & simultaneously widens
  5. e O: mandible
    I: lower lip
    A: depresses lower lip, exposes mand incisors, IRONY

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  1. O: occipital bone, mastoid process of temp.bone
    I: epicranial aponeusoris
    A:raises eyebrows/scalp (surprised look)
  2. A: elevation of hyoid bone and larynx if mand stabilized by contraction of muscles of mastication (swallowing). mandible to depress an jaws to open
  3. O: mandible
    I: chin
    A: raises chin, thinking or concentration, doubt
  4. forms anterior faucial pillar; vertical fold anterior to each palatine tonsil
  5. O: ant. 2/3 of lower border of zygomatic arch
    I: angle of mandible
    A: elevation of mandible (closing jaw)

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  1. buccinatorforms ant portion of cheek or lateral wall of oral cavity


  2. sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM)primary muscle landmark of neck during extra oral exam (palpated when pt moves head to opposite side of neck); divides neck into ant/post cervical triangles


  3. muscleshortens under neural control; cause soft tissue/ bony structures to move


  4. originmovement when muscle fibers contract


  5. lateral (external pterygoid O&I and action (inferior head)O: lateral pterygoid plate from sphenoid bone
    I: pterygoid fovea of mandible (condyle)
    A: slight depression of mandible (jaw opening), protrusion of mandible ( lower jaw forward)


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