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  1. muscles of facial expression
  2. masseter ( deep head)O&I and action
  3. risorius (thin muscle) O&I and action
  4. which muscle overdevelops when you brux and can be confused with mumps?
  5. depressor anguli oris (triangular/lower mouth) O&I and action
  1. a masseter
  2. b O: mandible
    I: angle of mouth
    A: depresses angle of mouth, FROWN
  3. c O: fascia superficial to masseter muscle
    I: angle of mouth
    A: stretches lips (grin, smile, but really a grimace), platysma connection
  4. d O: Post 1/3 and medial surf. of zygomatic arch
    I: ramus of mandible (angle of mandible)
    A: elevation of mandible (closing jaw), retraction of mandible (jaw backward)
  5. e in superficial fascia of facial tissues

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  1. creates lip position and movements during speech
  2. O: greater wing of sphenoid
    I: pterygoid fovea of mandible (condyle)
    A: when both superior and inferior heads contract= lower jaw forward (jaw protrusion)
  3. end of muscle attached to more movable structure
  4. the inferior belly of the omohyoid muscle
  5. muscles of facial expression

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  1. stylopharyngeus muscle O&I and actionO: greater cornu and body of hyoid bone
    I: tongue
    A: depresses tongue


  2. hyoglossus O&I and actionO: genial tubercles on mand
    I: tongue
    A: protrudes tongue/ depresses portions


  3. palatoglossus O&I and actionO: median palatine raphe (soft palate area)
    I: tongue
    A: elevates/arches tongue, depressing soft palate toward tongue, moves food down


  4. geniohyoid (anterior suprahyiod) O&I and actionO: sternum
    I: hyoid bone
    A: fix stabilize hyoid


  5. orbicularis oris O&I and actionO: encirles mouth
    I: angle of mouth, philtrum
    A: closing/pursing lips, grimacing, pouting/ kissing


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