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  1. achievement
  2. result
  3. wrath
  4. dramatic
  5. exclamation
  1. a something that happens because of something else
  2. b a loud, emotional statement
  3. c some plan or action completed successfully
  4. d as expressive or emotional as a person would be onstage
  5. e intense anger; rage

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  1. to continue; to keep
  2. describing or having to do with the behaviors of groups of people
  3. to pledge or promise
  4. critical; important
  5. length of time

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  1. definitethe condition of deserving respect


  2. volumethe loudness of a sound


  3. apparentlywhat you are capable of achieving in the future


  4. medicalrelated to doctors or medicine


  5. responsibilitysomething that happens because of something else


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