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  1. torment
  2. jovial
  3. brawny
  4. gaunt
  5. glare
  1. a strong, muscular
  2. b jolly; merry; good-humored
  3. c the act of harassing someone
  4. d thin and bony, starved looking; bare, barren
  5. e great brightness

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  1. to annoy or bother
  2. A violent rotating windstorm
  3. an open space in a forest
  4. an evergreen shrub or tree of the same family as the pine
  5. a place where fruit trees grow

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  1. guffawsudden loud laughter


  2. vessela ship or large boat


  3. rusea long, narrow, conspicuous elevation of land


  4. chucklea small waterfall


  5. hardyable to survive under bad conditions; tough


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