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  1. ghetto
  2. mobilization
  3. appeasement
  4. rationing
  5. anti-semitism
  1. a The limiting of the amounts of goods people can buy - often imposed by governments during wartime.
  2. b Discrimmination against Jews
  3. c the gathering of resources and preparation for war.
  4. d giving Hitler what he wanted so he would stop aggression
  5. e restricted areas of European cities that kept Jews separated from others

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  1. Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII
  2. site of the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan
  3. site of the Japanese attack on the US that brought the US into the war
  4. WWII Office that installs price controls on essential items to prevent inflation
  5. WWII agency contributes $100Ms to scientific projects like Manhattan, radar, sonar, etc

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  1. Lend-Lease Actgiving Hitler what he wanted so he would stop aggression


  2. Franklin D. RooseveltPresident of the US during Great Depression and start of World War II


  3. non-aggression pactSigned in 1938 between Great Britain, Germany, and France that gave part of Czechoslovakia to Germany; Chamberlain said it guaranteed "peace in our time"


  4. D-DayTurning point in the war in the Pacific in favor of the Allies


  5. kamikazeJapanese suicide pilot


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