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  1. Noun
  2. Predicate Adjective
  3. Adjectival
  4. True Linking Verbs
  5. Interjection
  1. a To be, to seem, to become
  2. b Shows excitement or emotion
  3. c An adjective that follows a linking verb and completes the equals sign equation.
  4. d doing the work of an adjective
  5. e Person, place, thing, idea, or concept

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  1. Needs an object to form a phrase
  2. tell which one, what kind, how many, how much
  3. What the sentence is about or who/what does the action of a sentence.
  4. Takes the place of (does the work of) a noun
  5. Shows tense, necessity/possibility, provides emphasis, and smooths question asking

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  1. LinkingA verb that shows state of being, behaves like an equals sign in the sentence.


  2. Adverbtell time, location, manner, degree, purpose


  3. Intransitive Verban action verb that HAS a direct object


  4. Adverbialtell time, location, manner, degree, purpose


  5. Adverbsmodifies verbs, adjectives, and adverbs


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