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Page 123 Spanish

¿Crees que...?

Do you think that...?

En tu opinión...

In your opinion...

Me parece...

It seems... to me..

Me parece que... para mí

I think that.. for me

¿Qué te parece...?

What do you think about...?

¿Te parece que...?

Do you think...?

Yo creo que...

I think that...

Apreder de memoria

to memorize

Aprobar (ue)

To pass (an exam)


To make a note of; to wrie down; to bookmark

Cometer Errores

to make mistakes


To Copy

El Correo Electrónico

Electronic Mail


You should...


You should/ought to?


To Leave (Behind)

El e-mail


Entregar la tarea

to hand in homework

Es importante....

It's important...

Hay que...

One must...



Llegar a tiempo

to get (somewhere) on time

Navegar por la Red

to Surf the Net


to forget

La página Web

web page

Perder (ie)

to lose, to miss


to worry

Prestar Atención

To pay attention


To review

Sacar Buenas Notas

To get good grades

Salir Bien

to do well

Seguir (i) las Instrucciones

to follow directions


to fail

la telaraña mundial

world wide web

tomar apuntes

to take notes

el web

world wide web

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