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  1. Amoral
  2. Encounter
  3. Exploit
  4. Epitome
  5. Discretion
  1. a Lacking a moral sense; without principles.
  2. b A brief or unexpected meeting.
  3. c Good judgement or tact in actions or speaking; good sense.
  4. d A perfect or typical example of a general quality or type.
  5. e To use selfishly or unethically; take unfair advantage of.

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  1. To draw fourth.
  2. Great praise or applause; enthusiastic approval.
  3. To renew the energy or strength of.
  4. Distributed thinly; not thick or crowded.
  5. To lower the spirits of; weaken the confidense or cheerfulness of.

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  1. CurtCautious; on one's gaurd.


  2. InadvertantNot giving in; stubborn.


  3. SubjectiveTo support financially; to pay for.


  4. AppeaseDistributed thinly; not thick or crowded.


  5. SensouryHaving to do with seeing, hearin, feeling, tasting, or smelling; of the senses.


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