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  1. Ostentatious
  2. Inclination
  3. Sensoury
  4. Infringe
  5. Irate
  1. a Extremely angry.
  2. b Having to do with seeing, hearin, feeling, tasting, or smelling; of the senses.
  3. c Meant to impress others; fashy; showy.
  4. d To intrude or trespass someone.
  5. e A tendensy to think, act, or behave in a certain way.

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  1. Not giving in; stubborn.
  2. To plase close together, especially to compare and contrast; side by side.
  3. To use selfishly or unethically; take unfair advantage of.
  4. Great praise or applause; enthusiastic approval.
  5. A brief or unexpected meeting.

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  1. TangibleGood-natured; friendly and pleasant.


  2. EnccentricA brief or unexpected meeting.


  3. AmiableGood-natured; friendly and pleasant.


  4. MalignTo draw fourth.


  5. ElicitTo draw fourth.


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