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  1. Terminate
  2. Inane
  3. Vicarious
  4. Scrupulous
  5. Embellish
  1. a Experienced through the imagination; not experienced directly; indirectly.
  2. b To stop; to bring to an end.
  3. c To decourate; to beautify by adding details.
  4. d Without sense or meaning; foolish; silly.
  5. e Careful about moral standards; conscientious; ethical.

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  1. A physical weakness or affect.
  2. A great lack of energy; inactivity due to laziness.
  3. Expressed dearly in a few words; to the point.
  4. Cautious; on one's gaurd.
  5. Rudely brief when speaking to someone.

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  1. GregariousEnjoying and seeking the company of others; out going


  2. InfringeTo intrude or trespass someone.


  3. AntoganistAn opponent; one who opposes or competes.


  4. InadvertantUnintentional; Accidental; not intended.


  5. EncounterA brief or unexpected meeting.


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