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What is the branch of science that deals with matter, energy, and their relationship to each other


Organized and classified knowledge defines what


The branch of physics pertaining to the origin and nature of xrays is defined by what

Radiologic physics

A body at rest or in uniform motion remains in the same state unless a force is applied describes what

Newtons 1st law of motion

What must be applied in order to set a resting by in motion- potential energy, work , or force (multiple multiples)


What is the resistance of a body to any change of its present state called


What is inertia

It is the tendency of a body to remain at rest or stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force

What is the formula for Newtons 2nd Law

F=ma ( Force= (mass)(acceleration) )

What is the unit of length in the metric MKS system


What is the unit of mass in the metric system


What are the fundamental metric units of physics

Meters, Kg, and seconds

What is the mass per unit volume of a substance called


What is the smallest subdivision of a substance


What is the formula for converting Fahrenheit to degrees Centigrade


Convert 68*F to degrees Centigrade

20* 5/9(68-32)=20

How many pounds are in a Kg


Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of what


How many cm are in an inch


How many mm are in a cm


How many angstroms are in a meter

10 billion

What is the push or pull of an object called


What is the unit of force


What is the product of force times distance


What is the definition of energy

The ability to do work

The ability of a moving body to do work is called

Kinetic energy

A stretched rubber band is an example of what kind of energy


What is the prefix for 1 million


One thousands of an ampere is referred to as what


What is the definition of power

The rate of which work is done

What law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed

Law of Conservation of Energy

What is the unit of power


What does the prefix kilo stand for


How many cm are in a meter


The speed of an object in a given direction is referred to as what


What are the two kinds of electrical charges

Positive and Negative

What is the unit of electrical charge


What are the three methods of electrification

Friction, Contact, Induction

When the distance between two charged bodies is cut in half how much will the force between them increase

4 times

The work done on a charged particle is measured in which of the following units


What determines the quantity of electrons that can be stored in a capacitor

The area of the plates, the distance between the plates and the material between the plates

An electrical charge can be neutralized if it is conducted to what


When an electron is accelerated through a potential diff of 1 volt how much work is done

1 electron volt

What is a device called that stores electrical charges


What is the unit of capacitance


What is equal to one volt

1 joule/coulomb

What is not related to the force applied to an electrical charge


An excessive amount of electrons at one end of a conductor and a deficiency at the other end is known as


Material that freely allows the flow of electrons is called


When voltage increases what happens to amperage


The flow of electrons is known as what


What is the unit of electrical current


Which of the following causes electrons to move in a conductor


Which type of current is supplied by a battery


What is the device called that measures electrical current


What formula describes electrical current


What will create the most electrical resistance

Long wire small diameter

Which will create the least electrical resistance


A material that dis-allows the flow of electrons


What law states the resistance in a circuit is equal to the voltage divided by the current

Ohms law

What is the unit for resistance


According to ohms law what would the voltage be if the resistance is 2 ohm and the current is 4 ampere

8 volts

According to ohms law what would the resistance be if the voltage is 110 volts and the current is 5 amperes

22 ohms

What is true concerning series circuits

Amperes remains constant throughout

2 ohm, 4, ohm, 6 ohm, resistance connecting in a series would result in a total resistance in how many ohms


What is the main advantage of a parallel circuit

Independence of the branches

How are parallel resistors connected

Side by side

What is true concerning a voltmeter

It must be connected in parallel

What electrical device will prevent equipment damage if current gets too high

Circuit breaker

A device whose electrical resistance that may vary is called what


What is the unit of electrical power


What is the formula for electrical power


If the current through a resistor is doubled how is the power loss affected


Where are the electrical charges found on a conductor

Outer surface

What is the most efficient means of transporting electrical energy

High voltage and low amperage

A technique of 70 kvp at 400 ma produces how many watts of power

28,000 watts

What is a material called that will attract small pieces of iron


Every magnet has two poles, what are they called

North and South

What are the magnetic lines called that surround a magnet

Flux lines

Which of the following determines the strength of a magnetic field

The number of flux lines

How would cutting the distance between two magnets in half, effect the attraction force between them

It would increase four times

In which direction do magnetic flux lines travel

North pole to south pole

What surrounds every electrical current

Magnetic field

What is the last name of the man who discovered that a magnetic field surrounds an electrical current


Which of the following happens when a current and conductor increases

Magnetic field strength increases

Which of the following rules will determine the direction of the magnetic field around an electrical current

A left hand thumb rule

According to the left hand thumb rule, which direction would the magnetic field be if the current is towards you


What is a spring shaped coil of wire called


What is a current carrying coil of wire called


What is it called when a solenoid has an iron core in its center


What are materials called that are strongly attracted to a magnet


What are materials called that are not attracted to a magnet

Non magnetic

What are materials called that are weakly attracted to a magnet


How are the north poles of two magnets going to affect each other


What are materials called that are slightly repelled by a magnet


Materials that are easily magnetized and demagnetized are said to have a high...


How will the north pole and south pole of two magnets affect each other

They will attract

Which of the following rules will determine the direction of force on a current carrying wire

The right hand rule

Which of the following devices convert electrical energy to mechanical energy


Which of the following happens when a wire moves through a magnetic field

An electromotive force is induced in the wire

Maximum induction will occur when a conductor cuts a magnetic field at what angle

90 degrees

Materials that are difficult to magnetize and demagnetize are said to have a high...


How can voltage be induced into a conductor : Move a wire through a magnetic field, Move a magnetic field across a wire, Place a wire in a varying magnetic field

(answer is: 1,2 &3) *Michael Feraday discovered that electricity could be produced by any of the above methods.

A coil of wire rotating through a magnetic field produces a magnetic current. What does this describe


A ___________ works by sending an alternating current through a coil of wire that has been placed within a magnetic field


What is it called when a current is induced in a secondary coil by simply changing the current in the primary coil

Mutual induction

What type of transformer has more turns of wire in the secondary side than primary side

Step-up transformer

What type of transformer core is most widely used in radiographic equipment

Shell type

What determines the transformer ratio

Turns of wire

What type of transformer core is most efficient

Shell type

How efficient is a typical transformer


If the voltage is stepped up, what happens to the current in the secondary side of the transformer


As magnetic domains rearrange in a transformer, heat is produced. What is this energy loss called

Hysteresis losses

Which of the following materials would make the best transformer core

Soft iron

What are the swirling currents called that are induced in transformers and produce heat losses

Eddy Currents

Which of the following does not refer to a type of transformer loss

Power loss

How can eddy current losses be reduced in a transformer


The number of cycles per second that are associated with an alternating current are known as the currents...


In a sixty cycle alternating current, how many alternations are there every second


How are alternating current values usually expressed

RMS (root mean square) values

What is the major reason for using alternating current

Transformers cannot operate without it.

An electric current that continually changes direction is known as what type of current


What is the resistance to flow of electricity and an alternating current called


If a step up transformer has a turns ratio of 1:1000, what will the output voltage be if the input voltage is 50 volts

50 kV

If a step down transformer has turns ratio of 1:10, what will the output voltage be is the input voltage is 220 volts

22 V

If the peak kilovoltage on a single phase unit is set on 100 kvp what will the RMS value be

70.7 kv

The changing of alternating current to direct current is known as what


What is the name of the closed path over which electric current flows


What is the device called that allows current to flow in only one direction


Silicon with an excessive number of electrons is referred to as what type of semiconductor

N type

Which of the following is not an advantage of solid state rectifiers over valve tubes

Melting point is lower in silicon

Which type of rectification will supply the x-ray tube with the greatest power

Full wave

What is the voltage supplied to the auto transformer

Line voltage

What controls the incoming voltage to the auto transformer

Main breaker switch

Which of the following is the most accurate timer

Electronic timer

What is the main device for high voltage control of x-ray equipment


Tapping windings of the autotransformer to supply voltage to the step up transformer is the purpose of which of these

KVP selector

If the line voltage changes because of demands by other users, adjustments must be made in which of the following

Voltage compensator

Which of the following would not be located on the primary side of the x-ray circuit

X-ray tube

Which of the following is a device for controlling filament current


Which of the following is placed in a circuit in case of current changes during the exposure

Breaker switch

Where in the x-ray circuit is the timer located

Between the autotransformer and the step up transformer

Most radiographic equipment that is manufactured today uses which type of x-ray generator

High frequency

The spinning top test can be used to determine the accuracy of which of the following

Rectification circuit

What type of current flows between the step up transformer and the rectification circuit


What device would be used when the milliamperage is set on the control panel


What is the maximum KVP produced by most 3 phase generators


Which of the following meters does not register until an x-ray exposure is made


A 1/10th second exposure is made on a full wave rectified single phase generator. A spinning top will show how many dots


Which of the following types of current supplies the x-ray tube

Pulsating direct current

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