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  1. antibiotic
  2. hyphae
  3. diatoms
  4. pseudopod
  5. protists
  1. a secrete glasslike boxes around themselves
  2. b drug produced by some fungi that prevent the growth of bacteria
  3. c footlike extension of the cytoplasm
  4. d threadlike tubes that make up a fungus
  5. e eukaryotic organisms that can be plantlike, animal-like, or funguslike

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  1. form of reproduction used by yeast that produces a growth from the parent
  2. plantlike protists
  3. protist that caused the Irish potato famine
  4. type of protist that may live in the digestive system of termites
  5. organism that obtains food from dead or decaying matter

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  1. algaethreadlike tubes that make up a fungus


  2. euglenoidsorganism made of a fungus and a green algae cyanobacteria


  3. ameobaprotist that moves and feeds with the help of pseudopods


  4. enzymessecrete glasslike boxes around themselves


  5. ciliashort, threadlike extension of the cytoplasm


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