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  1. bread mold
  2. lichen
  3. hyphae
  4. downy mildew
  5. ameoba
  1. a protist that moves and feeds with the help of pseudopods
  2. b threadlike tubes that make up a fungus
  3. c protist that caused the Irish potato famine
  4. d organism made of a fungus and a green algae cyanobacteria
  5. e a type of zygote fungi

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  1. a type of sac fungi
  2. plantlike protists
  3. secrete glasslike boxes around themselves
  4. population explosion of dinoflagellates
  5. drug produced by some fungi that prevent the growth of bacteria

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  1. protozoaanimal-like protists


  2. enzymeschemicals released by hyphae the break down food


  3. protistsanimal-like protists


  4. mushrooma type of club fungi


  5. euglenoidsform of reproduction used by yeast that produces a growth from the parent


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