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  1. what are some diseases of the mouth and teeth
  2. what are the 3 enzymes the pancrease secreates and what does each one digest
  3. what does the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system do for the digestive system
  4. what is the submucosa made of and wht is its funtion
  5. what is the exocrine functon of the pancreas
  1. a dental carries, gingivitis, periodontitis, vinvent disease, leukoplakia
  2. b produce pacnreatic juice
  3. c amylase-starch, trypsin-protein, lypase-tryglcerides
  4. d made of connective tissue. I t contains blood vessels and nerves that help regulate digestion
  5. e decreases activity

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  1. lymphatic system
  2. juices from liver and pancreas
  3. begins protein digestion found inthe stomach
  4. right and left lobes, portal vein, hepatic artery
  5. portal vein

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  1. what is the function of the pancreasreleases enzymes that digest fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids, produces alkaline fluid to neutralize acidic chyme in the small intestine, produces insulin and glucagon


  2. what cells secrete enzymes in the pancreasAcinar cells


  3. how long is the small intesting10 feet


  4. what is appetitewaste product


  5. what are the functions of the livermanufacture bile, store glycogen and converts it to glucose, modify fats, store vitamins and iron, form blood plasma proteins, destroy rbc, synthesize urea, detoxify harmful substances


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