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  1. how does bile leave the gall bladder when it is needed
  2. what are the 2 types of smuscle in the smooth muscle layer and what is its function
  3. what enters though the duodenum
  4. what are the the organs of the digestive tract
  5. what is the function of parietal cellls
  1. a flows through cystic duct anc common bile duct to the duodenum
  2. b innler layer is circular outer layer is longitudinal. Its function is peristalsis.
  3. c secrete HCL, and instrinsic factor
  4. d mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
  5. e juices from liver and pancreas

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  1. secretes pepsinogen and gastric lipase
  2. chyme
  3. gingivitis causes by bacillus or spirochete and can cause death to the tissues
  4. stimulation increases activity
  5. salivary glands

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  1. what are the hormones produced during digestionto lubricate food, protects the lyning form chemical or mechanical injury


  2. what is the function of the hepatic arterycarries O2 blood


  3. how does the mouth process foodingestion, mastication, mixing with saliva, deglutition


  4. what is the most common gall bladder diseaseetoh


  5. what are the 3 enzymes the pancrease secreates and what does each one digestamylase-starch, trypsin-protein, lypase-tryglcerides


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