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  1. what absorbs sugar, amino acids and water?
  2. what is the structure of the large intestine
  3. what are the 2 types of smuscle in the smooth muscle layer and what is its function
  4. what parts of the stomach act as storage
  5. what is periodontitis
  1. a cecum, ileocecal valve, vermifor appendix, colon, rectum, anal canal, anus
  2. b capillaries in the villi
  3. c the fundus and the body
  4. d innler layer is circular outer layer is longitudinal. Its function is peristalsis.
  5. e infection of the gum and teeths supporting bone

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  1. mechanical chemical
  2. waste product
  3. stimulation increases activity
  4. to lubricare, liquify and digest food
  5. cheif and parietal

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  1. what type of food is digested in the stomachstartified sqamous epithelium


  2. what are the hormones produced during digestiongastrin, gastric inhibitory peptide, secretin, cholecystokinin


  3. what is gastritisenzyme that preaks down milk fat


  4. Where is the pancreas locatesbehind the stomach


  5. where does the most chemical digestion occurduodenum


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