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  1. what is the structure of the liver
  2. what is the function of the accessory organs
  3. how many aldult permanent teeth
  4. what does the gi tract use fluids for
  5. how many deciduous (baby teeth) do we have
  1. a right and left lobes, portal vein, hepatic artery
  2. b 20
  3. c to lubricare, liquify and digest food
  4. d release secretions through ducts into digestive tract
  5. e 32

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  1. bicarbonate which will neutralize the chyme
  2. lacteals in the villi
  3. begins protein digestion found inthe stomach
  4. highly acidic mixture of gastric juice and food that leaves the stomach for the small intestine
  5. startified sqamous epithelium

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  1. what is the action of lipase and where is it founddigests fats to fatty acids and glycerol found in the pancreas


  2. what is the structure of teethbreaks down proteins


  3. how long is the small intesting10 feet


  4. what is pepsinogeninactive form of pepsin which is needed to preak down proteins


  5. where is gastric inhibitory peptide secreted and what is its functionbicarbonate which will neutralize the chyme


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