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bio132 chapter 19 Test

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  1. what are causes of inflammatory bowel disealse
  2. what is produced by bacterial action in the large intestine
  3. where does the most chemical digestion occur
  4. where are water soluable vitamins absorbed
  5. at what part of the small intestine is food absorbed
  1. a crohns and ulcerative colitis
  2. b duodenum
  3. c Vitamin K
  4. d jejunum, iliem
  5. e directly into theblood

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. secretes pepsinogen and gastric lipase
  2. the active liver cells are replaced by scar tissue
  3. lacteals in the villi
  4. store food and liquid, secrete gastric juice, secrete mucus, makes chyme
  5. Acinar cells

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  1. what structure guards the endtrance to the trachea during swallowingepiglottis


  2. what is mumpsinflammation of the linning of the stomach


  3. what is the function of water in digestionto lubricate food, protects the lyning form chemical or mechanical injury


  4. what is the function of parietal celllssecrete HCL, and instrinsic factor


  5. what regulates hungerlymphatic system


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