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  1. where are water soluable vitamins absorbed
  2. what is the most common cause of liver cirrhosis
  3. how many deciduous (baby teeth) do we have
  4. what is the submucosa made of and wht is its funtion
  5. what does the combination of food, gastric juice and water that is formed by the stomach called
  1. a etoh
  2. b chyme
  3. c made of connective tissue. I t contains blood vessels and nerves that help regulate digestion
  4. d 20
  5. e directly into theblood

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  1. stimulation increases activity
  2. liquifies food making it easier to digest and to absorb, it acts as a solvent that allows electrolytes to move across the intestinal wall
  3. 10 feet
  4. pancreatic enzymes back up into the pancreas can be fatal
  5. inflammation of testicles, sterility in males

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  1. what stimulates the hypothalamusblood nutrient levels


  2. what is the function of the portal veintakes blood from the GI tract to the liver


  3. what is the fuction of cheif cellsactivates pepsinogen, and kills most microorganisms


  4. what does bile containcholesterol and bilifuben


  5. what is the tissue of the small intestinesimple columnar epithelium


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