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  1. what is the function of the pancreas
  2. what is a pyloric stenosis
  3. what regulates hunger
  4. how long is the small intesting
  5. what are possible complications of mumps
  1. a inflammation of testicles, sterility in males
  2. b obstruction of the pyloric sphincter
  3. c hypothalamus
  4. d releases enzymes that digest fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids, produces alkaline fluid to neutralize acidic chyme in the small intestine, produces insulin and glucagon
  5. e 10 feet

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  1. incisors, cuspids, molars
  2. hormonal and nervous
  3. capillaries in the villi
  4. portal vein
  5. moistens food, facilitates mastication, helps keep teeth and mouth clean, contains amylase

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  1. what is vincent diseaseenzyme that preaks down milk fat


  2. what does the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system do for the digestive systemhormonal and nervous


  3. what is the action of trypsin and where is it foundbegins protein digestion found inthe stomach


  4. what is the action of Pepsin and where is it foundbegins protein digestion found inthe stomach


  5. what are the divisions of the colonascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid


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