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  1. what satifies hunger
  2. what is the structure of the liver
  3. where is saliva produced
  4. where does the small intestine join the lg intestine
  5. what type of digestion occurs in the stomach
  1. a cecum
  2. b an adequate meal
  3. c right and left lobes, portal vein, hepatic artery
  4. d parotid glands, submandibular glands, sublingual glands
  5. e mechanical chemical

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  1. takes blood from the GI tract to the liver
  2. oropharynx, palatine tonsils, nasopharynx, laryngeal pharynx, soft palate, uvula, epiglottis
  3. enzyme that preaks down milk fat
  4. salivary glands, stomach, sm and lg intestine, liver, pancrease
  5. juices from liver and pancreas

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  1. what is the tissue of the small intestinesimple columnar epithelium


  2. what are the 4 layers of the digestive tractmucous membrane, submucosa, smooth muscle, serous membrane


  3. what is the function of the small intestinesecrete mucus, secrete enzymes, absorb digested food


  4. where is bile stored, how does it ge therestored in the gall bladder, flows from liver through cystic duct.


  5. what is the function of the hepatic arterycarries O2 blood


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