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  1. Pectoralis major
  2. Semimembranosus
  3. calcaneal tendon
  4. Adductor Magnus
  5. Teres Minor
  1. a flexes and adducts arm, superficial and on the anterior view.
  2. b Lateral rotation of the arm. Posterior superficial side superior to teres major.
  3. c Extends thigh and flexes leg. Posterior thigh region; Deeper than semitendinosus, medial of bicep femoris, and slightly lateral of gracilis.
  4. d achilles tendon (aponeurosis)
  5. e adducts thigh. Medial side more lateral then Gracilis.

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  1. compress cheek. Deep cheek lateral side.
  2. adducts thigh Medial side from posterior view, thinner muscle.
  3. depresses ribs during forced expiration deep medial rib side.
  4. compresses abdomen, and flexes trunk. Straight superficial six pack muscle.
  5. Action; extends finger V. More lateral than extensor digitorum in superficial forearm.

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  1. MasseterElevates mandible. Cheek region deep muscle. For chewing.


  2. Orbicular oculliAction; closes the eyes. Muscles superficial surrounds eyes. Anterior view.


  3. Femoral nerveElevates mandible. More medial that massete; deep region of cheek.


  4. DeltoidAbducts arm, also can flex or extend. Triangular shaped. Shoulder muscle.


  5. SemitendinosusExtends thigh and flexes leg. Posterior thigh region; more superficial than semimebranosus. More medial side.


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