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  1. Teres Minor
  2. extensor retinaculum
  3. Extensor carpi radialis brevis
  4. Illitobial tract
  5. Extensor carpi ulnaris
  1. a slightly deeper and shorter than the extensor carpi radialis longus. More medial than the extensor digitorum. Action; extends and abducts hand.
  2. b Lateral rotation of the arm. Posterior superficial side superior to teres major.
  3. c posterior of carpal bones to hold tendon down.
  4. d Action; extend and adducts hand. Starts at elbow to pinky side of wrist.
  5. e broad sheet of tendons on lateral side of thigh

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  1. Plantar flexion and eversion of foot. Lateral shin muscle from the anterior view.
  2. compresses abdomen, deepest layer of ab muscles. Going across.
  3. Abducts arm, muscle superior to the clavicle from posterior view deep. (makes up rotator cuff)
  4. flexes forearm, deep muscles in brachial region.
  5. compress cheek. Deep cheek lateral side.

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  1. biceps brachiiFlexes forearm. anterior view superficia, brachial region muscle.


  2. Rotator cuffS.I.T.S supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis.


  3. sciatic nervefrom sacral plexus goes from butt to achilles tendon


  4. brachioradialisflexes forearm. Anterior view superficial lateral side of forearm.


  5. Illiacusflexes forearm, deep muscles in brachial region.


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