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  1. Rotator cuff
  2. Illitobial tract
  3. Rectus Femoris
  4. Zygomaticus
  5. Extensor digitorum
  1. a Action; draws mouth up and lateral (smiling). Minor on superior and major on the posterior. Superficial cheek region.
  2. b Extends knee and flexes thigh at hip. Anterior thigh wide superficial muscle connecting thigh to knee.
  3. c Posterior, Big center muscle of forearm.Action; extends wrist & extend fingers II-V. (for extensor retinaculum).
  4. d broad sheet of tendons on lateral side of thigh
  5. e S.I.T.S supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis.

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  1. muscle of the hip that extends the thigh, most common thought of butt muscle.
  2. Lateral rotation of the arm; posterior to the clavicle from posterior view deep. (rotator cuff)
  3. adducts thigh Medial side from posterior view, thinner muscle.
  4. compresses abdomen, and flexes trunk. Straight superficial six pack muscle.
  5. Rotates arm medially. Posterior to clavicle.

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  1. Pectoralis Minordepresses and moves scapula anteriorly. Attaches to ribs superior and goes to scapula.


  2. Sternocleidomastoidflexes neck, lateral rotation of head. Ear down your neck.From lateral view.


  3. Triceps BrachiiFlexes forearm. anterior view superficia, brachial region muscle.


  4. Psoas Majormuscle of the hip region that flexes the thigh. More bulky one.


  5. TemporalisIncreases volume of thoracic cavity for inspiration.


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