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  1. Vastus medialis
  2. Illitobial tract
  3. Fibularis longus
  4. Supraspinatus
  5. Bicep femoris
  1. a extends leg. Anterior thigh region medial of rectus femoris superficial from anterior view.
  2. b Abducts arm, muscle superior to the clavicle from posterior view deep. (makes up rotator cuff)
  3. c Plantar flexion and eversion of foot. Lateral shin muscle from the anterior view.
  4. d broad sheet of tendons on lateral side of thigh
  5. e Extends thigh and flexes leg. Lateral side from posterior view.

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  1. Rotates arm medially. Posterior to clavicle.
  2. compress cheek. Deep cheek lateral side.
  3. long muscle that connects to palm (only tendon over the flexor retinaculum). Action; flexes hand.
  4. muscle of the hip region that flexes the thigh. Bringing it upward.
  5. Extends thigh and flexes leg. Posterior thigh region; Deeper than semitendinosus, medial of bicep femoris, and slightly lateral of gracilis.

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  1. External intercostalsfrom lumbar plexus thigh nerve.


  2. Transverse abdominuscompresses abdomen, deepest layer of ab muscles. Going across.


  3. GastrocnemiusPlantar flextion of foot. Muscle region the leg; Calf muscle superficial from posterior view.Extends to Calcaneal tendon. (Achilles Tendon).


  4. Adductor Longusadducts thigh. Superficial of the sartorius on medial side near groin.


  5. Latissimus dorsi_______is the muscle around the mouth; moves your lips up and down, allows closing of lips. Deep muscle around lips.


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