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  1. Soleus
  2. Teres Minor
  3. Digastric
  4. Infraspinatus
  5. biceps brachii
  1. a Flexes forearm. anterior view superficia, brachial region muscle.
  2. b V-Shaped throat muscle. Opens mouth, depresses mandible, elevates hyoid bone during swallowing.
  3. c Plantar flextion of foot. Muscle from leg region; Lateral side from the posterior view.
  4. d Lateral rotation of the arm; posterior to the clavicle from posterior view deep. (rotator cuff)
  5. e Lateral rotation of the arm. Posterior superficial side superior to teres major.

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  1. located at base of palm on anterior side of hand--covers flexor tendons and prevents bowstringing except palmaris longus.
  2. from sacral plexus goes from butt to achilles tendon
  3. extends leg. Anterior thigh region Lateral side slightly medial of the I.T. Band Superficial.
  4. Action; closes the eyes. Muscles superficial surrounds eyes. Anterior view.
  5. long muscle that connects to palm (only tendon over the flexor retinaculum). Action; flexes hand.

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  1. Rhomboid majormuscle of the hip region that flexes the thigh. More bulky one.


  2. MasseterElevates mandible. Cheek region deep muscle. For chewing.


  3. Rotator cuffS.I.T.S supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis.


  4. Rhomboid minoradducts scapula. Deep . More superior than the major. Posterior view


  5. Trapeziusadducts thigh Medial side from posterior view, thinner muscle.


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