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  1. Rumination
  2. What are the two types of negative rumors?
  3. How do we define charisma?
  4. Disconfirmations
  5. Relational contradictions
  1. a More you dwell, less likely to forgive
  2. b Special case, special advantage, unusual motivation, situation
  3. c Perceived and hard to define
  4. d Idealization vs. realization
    Dependence vs. independence
    Honesty vs. dishonesty
    Optimality vs. satisfaction
    Love vs. comfort
    Altruism vs. selfishness
    Privacy vs. openness
    Happiness vs. non-happiness
    Attention vs. smothering
  5. e Bogies & wedge drivers

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  1. aspect of change: terms everyone must worship
  2. Exposure, attention, retention, influence
  3. Ask for something small-gets bigger and bigger
  4. You cannot not communicate, meanings are in people (not words or behavior), Communication is irreversible, communication is functional, communication is learned, communication is a tool, communication is both intentional and unintentional, communication is contextual, communication has both content & relationship aspects, communication=relationship
  5. Begin with what we agree on, then talk about disagreement

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  1. Why we say what we do when we meet people?Family, friends, media, limited observation


  2. 5 Factors that influence forgivenessExplicit acknowledgment
    Nonverbal assurance


  3. Two types of proximityTask attraction
    Social attraction
    Physical attraction


  4. Aspects of trustworthiness within charismaFoot in door
    Door in face
    Good news vs. bad news
    Problem vs. solution
    Agreement vs. disagreement
    Revealing intent
    Drawing conclusions


  5. How to seek forgivenessExplicit acknowledgment
    Nonverbal assurance


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