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  1. Fear appeals are best when:
  2. 4 reasons why we stereotype
  3. Correlates of physical attraction
  4. What is the kernel of truth?
  5. Empathy
  1. a Literally know how someone feels
  2. b Matching hypothesis
    Age Bias
  3. c A core accuracy at the heart of a claim which also contains falseness
  4. d Efficient, Ego defense, Aggression, Conformity
  5. e They are directed to those you care about
    People care about the fear
    Fear gives you a way out
    They are vivid
    You believe it can happen to you

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  1. Ask for something big to get something small
  2. Selective exposure, selective retention, selective attention, selective perception
  3. Competence
    Physical attraction
    Perceived sensitivity
  4. You would work with someone but not take them out, vice versa
  5. More you dwell, less likely to forgive

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  1. Relational contradictionsIdealization vs. realization
    Dependence vs. independence
    Honesty vs. dishonesty
    Optimality vs. satisfaction
    Love vs. comfort
    Altruism vs. selfishness
    Privacy vs. openness
    Happiness vs. non-happiness
    Attention vs. smothering


  2. How do we define charisma?Perceived and hard to define


  3. Agreement vs. disagreementBegin with what we agree on, then talk about disagreement


  4. What is the cultivation theory?Ask for something big to get something small


  5. What are the aspects of selective perception?Redundancy/retention
    Salience--remember main points


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