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  1. What are the different aspects of selectivity?
  2. Two forms of meshing
  3. Predominant dresser effect
  4. Aspects of organization of messages
  5. What are the aspects of selective perception?
  1. a Selective exposure, selective retention, selective attention, selective perception
  2. b Understand biases-self-interests shape what we see/hear
    Reduce ambiguity-huge misunderstandings can happen b/c of ambiguity
    Use redundancy-more examples make things easier to grasp
    Focus on listener's needs-control, inclusion, affection, efficacy (have to believe what you're doing matters)
    Focus on listener's schemas-understand the way they organize things so there is no misunderstanding
  3. c Complementary and symmetrical
  4. d Mom dresses dad -> people look alike as they get older
  5. e Foot in door
    Door in face
    Good news vs. bad news
    Problem vs. solution
    Agreement vs. disagreement
    Revealing intent
    Drawing conclusions

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  1. Managing an impression, reducing uncertainty by making predictions
  2. Exposure, attention, retention, influence
  3. intended to divide group loyalties or undermine relationships
  4. Suggests that exposure to TV subtly changes viewers' perceptions of reality
  5. Proximity, Appearance, Utility, Loneliness

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  1. Pipe-dreamsPositive rumors-reflect desires & hopes


  2. Aspects of normative physical attractionTime period
    Social group


  3. Seven bases of powerPhysical and psychological


  4. Agreement vs. disagreementBegin with what we agree on, then talk about disagreement


  5. How to grant forgivenessExplicit


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