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  1. Characteristics of gossip
  2. Aspects of physical attraction
  3. How do we ensure message quality?
  4. What are the propositions about communication?
  5. Bogies
  1. a Perceived
    Affects perceptions
  2. b Feared or anxiety provoking outcomes (dread rumors)
  3. c You cannot not communicate, meanings are in people (not words or behavior), Communication is irreversible, communication is functional, communication is learned, communication is a tool, communication is both intentional and unintentional, communication is contextual, communication has both content & relationship aspects, communication=relationship
  4. d Negative
    Measure of integration
    Gender differences-women talk about relationships, men about work
  5. e Organization, redundancy, schemas, ask questions

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  1. Eliminate distractions
    Grasp hidden messages
  2. Involvement-want to show up when involved
    Proximity-show that comes after popular show is exposed
    Utility-expose things that are useful
    Reinforcement-expose yourself to something you like/enjoy
  3. Background similarity
    Attitude similarity
    Optimal similarity
  4. Perceptive taking
  5. Ask for something small-gets bigger and bigger

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  1. Aspects of organization of messagesFoot in door
    Door in face
    Good news vs. bad news
    Problem vs. solution
    Agreement vs. disagreement
    Revealing intent
    Drawing conclusions


  2. Facebook rulesGive people good news, then bad news, then good news


  3. Sandwich modelAsk for something small-gets bigger and bigger


  4. What are the different types of predictions we make when we meet people?Cultural, Sociological, Interpersonal


  5. EmpathyLiterally know how someone feels


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