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First Declension Nouns Test

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  1. est

  2. paeninsula, paeninsulae, (f.)
    derivatives: peninsula

  3. silva, silvae, (f.)
    derivatives: sylvan, Pennsylvania

  4. femina, feminae, (f.)
    derivatives: feminine

  5. Italia, Italiae, (f.)
    derivatives: Italian

  6. via, viae, (f.)
    derivatives: viaduct, trivia

5 True/False Questions

  1. Sailor
    agricola, agicolae, (m.)
    derivatives: agriculture, agrarian


  2. Farmer
    aqua, aquae, (f.)
    derivatives: aquarium, aquatics, sewer, aqueous, aqueduct, terraqueous


  3. they aresunt


  4. Nature
    natura, naturae, (f.)
    derivatives: natural


  5. Island
    Italia, Italiae, (f.)
    derivatives: Italian


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