EG21 A3 Stammformen 2/4

Created by FEO_Broeking Plus

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19 terms

feel, felt, felt

(sich) fühlen, enpfinden

fight, fought, fought

kämpfen, bekämpfen

find, found, found


fly, flew, flown


forget, forgot, forgotten


get, got, got

bekommen, (ab)holen, besorgen, (hin)kommen, gelangen, weden geben

give, gave, given


go, went, gone

gehen, fahren

grow, grew, grown

wachsen, anbauen, anpflanzen

hang out, hung out, hung out

rumhängen, abhängen

have, had, had


hear, heard, heard


hide, hid, hidden

(sich) verstecken

hit, hit, hit

schlagen, treffen

hold, held, held


hurt, hurt, hurt

verletzten, wehtun

keep, kept, kept

behalten, aufbewahren

know, knew, known

wissen, kennen

lay, laid, laid (the table)

den Tisch decken

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