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  1. Indian Preference
  2. Termination
  3. fractionation
  4. Relocation Programs
  5. American Indian Religious Freedom act
  1. a separation into portions
  2. b The federal government's ____ eliminated federal economic support for Native Americans, discontinued the reservation system, and distributed tribal lands among individual Native Americans.
  3. c a 1978 law that directed federal agencies not to interfere with Native Americans religious practices.
  4. d if they have an opening then natives get first pick in selection process of a job
  5. e the act of ending something

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  1. 1971-forced federal governement to reexamine treaties with Native Americans (lasted 71 days)
  2. The Indian name given to the Black Hills of the Dakota territory.
  3. 1890 Indian police officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull but when he resisted they shot and killed him, his followers were taken to Wounded Knee and while being disarmed someone fired a shot and the soldiers opened fire and killed over 200 Sioux
  4. ...
  5. treaty under which the U.S. abandoned the Bozeman Trail and created a large Siuox reservation in what is half of South Dakota today.

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  1. Peyotecactus the yeilds a hallucinogenic drug substance used by Native American Indian groups to produce visions


  2. Indian gaming regulatory act1934 - Restored tribal ownership of lands, recognized tribal constitutions and government, and provided loans for economic development.


  3. self-deteriminationthe act of ending something


  4. California v Cabazonseparation into portions


  5. National indian gaming commissionregulates all the indian casinos


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