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  1. Sitting Bull
  2. Native American Church
  3. Outing System
  4. occupation of wounded knee
  5. Termination
  1. a In Off-reservation boarding schools, Indian students were placed in nearby homes of white residents and sometimes became virtual slaves.
  2. b 1971-forced federal governement to reexamine treaties with Native Americans (lasted 71 days)
  3. c the act of ending something
  4. d A religious revitalization movement among Native Americans, also known as the Peyote religion
  5. e American Indian medicine man, chief, and political leader of his tribe at the time of the Custer massacre (Little Bighorn) during the Sioux War

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  1. (1988) - authorized casinos on reservations and provided for regulation through the national Indian gaming commission
  2. led by Dennis Banks and Russell Means; purpose was to obtain equal rights for Native Americans; protested at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre
  3. (1979) - the supreme court said the tribes had the right to operate bingo on tribal lands
  4. a 1978 law that directed federal agencies not to interfere with Native Americans religious practices.
  5. A method where the US government may assume jurisdiction over Indian reservation land. The act mandated the transfer of legal jurisdiction over to the states.

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  1. fractionationseparation into portions


  2. Bozeman Trailthe money that the give to school districts money to offset property tax


  3. Ghost DanceRitual that celebrated a hoped for day of reckoning when settlers would disappear, buffalo would return, and Natives would reunite with ancestors (leaded to Wounded Knee)


  4. House of concurrent resolution 108would strengthen sense of autonomy without threatening sense of community and federal government promised to continue federal support until tribes no longer needed it.


  5. Battle of Little BighornA religious revitalization movement among Native Americans, also known as the Peyote religion


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