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  1. Latent Learning
  2. Primary Reinforcer
  3. Intrinsic Motivation
  4. Fixed-ratio Schedule
  5. Observational Learning
  1. a learning that occurs but is not apparent until there is an incentive to demonstrate it
  2. b an innately reinforcing stimulus, such as one that satisfies a biological need
  3. c a schedule of reinforcement that reinforces a response only after a specified number of responses
  4. d learning by observing others
  5. e a desire to perform a behavior for its own sake

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  1. the reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished conditioned response
  2. a desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment
  3. behavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus
  4. in classical conditioning, the initial stage of learning; the phase associating a neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus so that the neutral stimulus comes to elicit a conditioned response
  5. the process of observing and imitating a specific behavior

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  1. BehaviorismA relatively permanent change in an organism's behavior due to experience


  2. Unconditioned Stimulus (US)in classical conditioning, a stimulus that unconditionally - naturally and automatically - triggers a response


  3. Prosocial Behaviorpositive, constructive, helpful behavior


  4. Extinctionthe diminishing of a conditioned response; in classical conditioning this occurs when an unconditioned stimulus (US) does not follow a conditioned stimulus (CS)


  5. Learningan operant conditioning procedure in which reinforcers guide behavior toward closer and closer approximations of a desired behavior


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