Ch. 25 middle east

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the worlds first civilizatioin whom invented the wheel, sail and the first form of writing called cuneiform

sumerian city-states

12 large city-states, each with their own leader

sumerian religion

polythiestic with prayers and rituals; alsohave ziggurats


sumerian form of writing with wedge-shaped symbols


chief building in each city-state


people who learn to read and write so they could keep records

middle east

contains some of africa, asia and europe

cultural diffusion

when people spread ideas, culture and inventions; happens throuh trade and warfare

how trade causes cultural diffusion

people trade other people for their ideas and inventions

how warfare causes cultural diffusion

people come to another country to fight and they get ideas on how to make their weapons stronger

significant location

in a good place because it is near rivers and in the middle-good for trade

middle east 's 5 major regions

northern tier, arabian peninsula, fertil crescent, nile valley and maghreb

northern tier

turkey and iran; has mountains and plateaus; has enough rain for farming; very populated

arabian peinsula

borders red sea, arabian sea, and persian gulf;lack of water;small population; birth place of islam


fertile area in a desert

fertile crescent

stretches from tigris-euphrates river valley to the persian gulf;few natural barriers which make invading and trade easy


land between rivers which floods often and is in the fertile crescent

nile valley

craddle of civilization; floods often b/c of nile river


includes north african nations of algeria, tunisia and morocco; has lots of soil and rain on mediteranean coast

scarcity of water

people built irrigation systems


ruled by hammurabi;conquered many lands and were very advanced and organized


invented by hittites and used for good weapons


had small city-states and invented an alphabet


invented iron and moved into fertile crescent from asia minor

carriers of civilization



huge empire;divided in provinces with their own satraps;used coined money;encouraged trade with peace

persian religion

zoastrianism; believed the world was a battlefield of good and evil

greek and romans

spread to the middle east by alexander the great

alexander the great

blended greek and middle eastern cultures into Hellenistic culture


spread christianity through the empire

byzantine empire

formed when rome got to big and split up


when the jews revoloted against romans and the romans scattered the jews throughout the world

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