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  1. Time sampling (food example)
  2. Type I error
  3. longitudinal design
  4. Criterion validity
  5. interval
  1. a Is a false positive your data says their is something going on in the populations that isnt
  2. b specify the difference between stimuli on a given dimension.
  3. c observing people eat for a 10 minute period
  4. d A research design in which investigators observe one group of subjects repeatedly over a period of time.
  5. e We want to see that our data is related to actual experience and actual validity

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  1. measured by "d"are important because they help determine if an effect is meaningful, they make it possible to compare data across studies, they are necessary in power studies to detect a particular effect
  2. the set of all cases of interest. i.e if you are looking for student behavior at smu the population is all the smu students
  3. super long term cross sectional design that used used to trace differences in the population over time when given the same survey
  4. very wide and flat distribution, normal is normal
  5. audio or video records of behavior

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  1. negative correlationas the value of one measure increases the value of another decreases


  2. Four methods for obtaining interviewsmail surveys, personal interviews, telephone interviews, and internet surveys


  3. Structured observationexamining behavior while it occurs (2 kinds with intervention and without intervention)


  4. ReliabilityOccurs when people react to the fact that they are being observed.


  5. convergent validityExtent to which scores obtained from one procedure are positively correlated with scores obtained from another procedure that is already accepted


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