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  1. Ordinal
  2. Content analysis
  3. convergent validity
  4. subject sampling
  5. Type I error
  1. a Is a false positive your data says their is something going on in the populations that isnt
  2. b can be generally defined as any objective coding
  3. c Observe 1 out of every 5 ppl in a given cafeteria or restuarant
  4. d rank-order stimuli on a single dimension. i.e winning the silver medal vs winning the gold
  5. e Extent to which scores obtained from one procedure are positively correlated with scores obtained from another procedure that is already accepted

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  1. all people in the population have an equal chace through random selection
  2. systematic difference in people willing to respond to a survey
  3. researchers examine evidence of past behavior using physical traces or archival records
  4. matters with statistical signifigance and power
  5. false negative your data says there isnt something going on in the populations that is going on

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  1. 3 things for correlations to= causation1) They have to correlate
    2) Temporal Precidence has to be established
    3) You have to eliminate all alternate explanations


  2. observer driftAny unintended change in the way an observer uses a measurement system over the course of an investigation that results in measurement error; often entails a shift in the observer's interpretation of the original definitions of the target behavior subsequent to being trained. OBSERVER DRIFT CAN LEAD TO REDUCED INTER RATER AGREEMENT


  3. Event Sampling (food example)observe people eating in cafeterias, nice resturaunts, fast food resteuarants ect. and record what ppl eat


  4. Criterion validityThe extent to which there is evidence that a test measures a particular hypothetical construct.


  5. Event SamplingUsed when researchers are interested in events that happen infrequently. Could be natural disaster, holiday plays in school ect.


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