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  1. response bias
  2. spurious relationship
  3. Situation Sampling
  4. Quantitative scales of behaviror
  5. Effect size
  1. a nominal, ordinal, Interval and Ratio
  2. b A relationship that can be described by a third variable
  3. c measured by "d"are important because they help determine if an effect is meaningful, they make it possible to compare data across studies, they are necessary in power studies to detect a particular effect
  4. d systematic difference in people willing to respond to a survey
  5. e 1. Enhances external validity
    2. Involves studying behavior in different locations and under different circumstances and situations. By sampling under different circumstances research reduced the chance that their observations will be unique to specific circumstances or conditions

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  1. as this increases the chance of getting type II error decrease, is affected by sample size .05 cut off for type II error being true
  2. the process of summerizing data
  3. the interrelatedness of items in a psychological test for measuring the same ability or trait
  4. people know what they are being asked about. This can lead to subject bias though
  5. measures how accurate the sample mean is of the population mean. The equation is SE+ SD/ square root of n

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  1. Structured observationexamining behavior while it occurs (2 kinds with intervention and without intervention)


  2. Pearson's Rsames as cohens d except anything over 0.5 is large


  3. populationcan be affected by the experience of being observed can be affected by biases but biasis can be minimized by training observers or keeping them blind to participants information and also getting participants habituated to being observed


  4. Time SamplingUsed when researchers are interested in events that happen infrequently. Could be natural disaster, holiday plays in school ect.


  5. Nominalrank-order stimuli on a single dimension. i.e winning the silver medal vs winning the gold


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