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  1. Selective Survival
  2. Time sampling (food example)
  3. correlation coefficent
  4. Field Experiment
  5. Observation with Intervention
  1. a 3 different kinds: strucutred observation, field experiment and participant observation.
  2. b arises when records are incomplete or missing researchers must take this into account. i.e some people dont have photos from their divorce era or their "fat years"
  3. c a quantitative index of the degree that things vary together or correlate
  4. d observing people eat for a 10 minute period
  5. e When a researcher manipulates one or more independent variables in a natural setting in order to determine the effect on behavior.

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  1. 1. Enhances external validity
    2. Involves studying behavior in different locations and under different circumstances and situations. By sampling under different circumstances research reduced the chance that their observations will be unique to specific circumstances or conditions
  2. researchers examine evidence of past behavior using physical traces or archival records
  3. Refers to researchers choosing time intervals for making observations either sytematically or randomly
  4. Observe 1 out of every 5 ppl in a given cafeteria or restuarant
  5. the degree to which two or more independent observers agree

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  1. ReactivityOccurs when people react to the fact that they are being observed.


  2. Physical Tracespart of indirect observation. Looking at recycling in recycling bin for example or things highlighted in a textbook or if its a "product" it could be cave paintings, MTV, Star Wars Toys


  3. 3 things for correlations to= causationa quantitative index of the degree that things vary together or correlate


  4. positvley skewedsame as skewed to the left (it looks right)


  5. Interviewer Biassystematic difference in people willing to respond to a survey


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