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  1. what is breech presentation
  2. what findings should be reported of the women is rcving anesthesis
  3. What is lie
  4. what is 4 P's
  5. what is station -5
  1. a position of the fetal spinal cord compared to mom's
  2. b floating
  3. c feet first
  4. d numbness or inability to move legs, dizziness, metalic taste, ringing in the ears, hypotension or seizures
  5. e passage, passenger, powers, psyche

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  1. cord presenting before fetal head
  2. physical and emotional support, comfort, nutrition, hydration, empty bladder frequently
  3. document delivery of placenta, administer an oxytocic medication after the placenta is delivered, fundal massage, bring mothers legs down from stirrups slowly and together
  4. contraction eases until resting states is achieved
  5. perpindicular, cannot be delivered

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  1. what is stationfully engaged level with mom's ischial spine


  2. how often does spontaneous rupture of the membranes occur25%


  3. what are signs that labor is approchinglatent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm


  4. what are the 2 presentaions of the placentaschultz and duncan


  5. what could it mean if the fundus is to the right of the midlinefull bladder


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