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  1. what is AROM
  2. what are the stages of labor
  3. what could it mean if the fundus is rising
  4. what is some nursing care considerations during stage I
  5. what is SROM
  1. a artifical rupture of membranes
  2. b uterine hemorrhage
  3. c spontaneous rupture of membranes
  4. d physical and emotional support, comfort, nutrition, hydration, empty bladder frequently
  5. e stage I-dilation stage II-expulsion stage III-placental stage IV-recovery

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  1. lightening, braxton hicks contraction, show
  2. contaction is at its full intensity
  3. labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms
  4. bright red bleeding and the pt should never be examined vaginally until US rules out placenta previa
  5. a vaginal discharge that occurs follwing delivery

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  1. what is stage Ibegins with complete cervical efacement and dilation, pushing. Ends with expulsion of fetus.


  2. what may happen if the fundus is massaged if it is contractedit may cause it to invert which can present an emergency situation


  3. What is liesterile vaginal exam


  4. how long is postpartum carecord presenting before fetal head


  5. what is breech presentationfeet first


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