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  1. what is some nursing care considerations during stage I
  2. what is some nursing care considerations for stage III
  3. what is station 0
  4. what is cephalic or vertex presentation
  5. what is FHR
  1. a head first and is normal
  2. b fully engaged level with mom's ischial spine
  3. c fetal heart rate
  4. d physical and emotional support, comfort, nutrition, hydration, empty bladder frequently
  5. e document delivery of placenta, administer an oxytocic medication after the placenta is delivered, fundal massage, bring mothers legs down from stirrups slowly and together

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  1. umbilical cord may prolapse becuase there is so much empty space within the uterus. Cord compression can cut off the blood and oxygen supply to the fetus before it is born
  2. it extends from the time the newborn is delivered until placenta and membranes are expelled
  3. passage, passenger, powers, psyche
  4. dull side of placenta, maternal side, excessive bleeding more likely with this type of placental presentation bonding and involution occurs
  5. increment, acme, decrement

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  1. what is stationfloating


  2. what is station +5crowning


  3. what is lochiaa vaginal discharge that occurs follwing delivery


  4. what is station -5crowning


  5. what should the rate not fall below100 bpm


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