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  1. what is station +5
  2. what decision should the mom make during stage I
  3. what are the stages of labor
  4. what do you need to observe for during stage IV
  5. true or false some positions of the fetus make delivery difficult or dangerous
  1. a hemorrhage, urinary retention, hypotension, undesirable effects from anesthesia
  2. b true
  3. c when to use medication during labor
  4. d crowning
  5. e stage I-dilation stage II-expulsion stage III-placental stage IV-recovery

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  1. fetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions
  2. bright red bleeding and the pt should never be examined vaginally until US rules out placenta previa
  3. up and down and is normal
  4. artificial rupture of the membranes done in 75% of birthsdone by using a aminohook
  5. fetal heart rate

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  1. how long is postpartum care6 weeks


  2. what are signs that labor is approchinglatent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm


  3. what could it mean if the fundus is risingfull bladder


  4. what is late decelrationfetal body part closet to the pelvis


  5. what is muchal cordloops of umbilical cord that may have become wrapped around a babys neck during delivery


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