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  1. what is some nursing care considerations during stage IV
  2. what is lochia
  3. what is presentation
  4. what is transverese lie
  5. what is cephalic or vertex presentation
  1. a perpindicular, cannot be delivered
  2. b fetal body part closet to the pelvis
  3. c a vaginal discharge that occurs follwing delivery
  4. d observation of VS, fundus, perineum, lochia
  5. e head first and is normal

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  1. latent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm
  2. cord presenting before fetal head
  3. uterine hemorrhage
  4. loops of umbilical cord that may have become wrapped around a babys neck during delivery
  5. hemorrhage, urinary retention, hypotension, undesirable effects from anesthesia

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  1. what is 4 P's1st pregnancy


  2. what are signs that labor is approchingincrement, acme, decrement


  3. what is involutionreproductive organs return to their normal prepregnant size


  4. what is acmecontaction is at its full intensity


  5. what is CRNAcertified registered nurse anesthetist


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