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  1. what are decelerations related to
  2. what is involution
  3. what is stage IV
  4. what is amniotomy
  5. what is SROM
  1. a spontaneous rupture of membranes
  2. b reproductive organs return to their normal prepregnant size
  3. c placental insufficiency and indicate fetal distress
  4. d it is the first 1-4 hours following expulsion of the placenta
  5. e artificial rupture of the membranes done in 75% of birthsdone by using a aminohook

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  1. 1st pregnancy
  2. certified registered nurse anesthetist
  3. begins with complete cervical efacement and dilation, pushing. Ends with expulsion of fetus.
  4. primigravida 1-2 hours
    multigravida 25min
  5. fetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions

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  1. what are signs that labor is approchinglightening, braxton hicks contraction, show


  2. what should you document about rupture membranestime, method of rupture, color of fluid, fetal heart rate, practitioner assess for possibility of prolapsed cord.


  3. what is station 0floating


  4. wat are the 3 phases of each contractionincrement, acme, decrement


  5. what is presentationdull side of placenta, maternal side, excessive bleeding more likely with this type of placental presentation bonding and involution occurs


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