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  1. hippocampus
  2. semipermeable
  3. reticular formation
  4. somatic nervous system
  5. hypothalamus
  1. a Greek for seahorse, this part of the brain bends around the inside of the temporal lobe. An important region for the formation and storage of conscious memories
  2. b the surface membrane of a neuron is so called because some things can enter it and some things can enter it and some cannot
  3. c the nerves that serve the senses that go to the skeletal muscles
  4. d an area in the brainstem that keeps one awake and attentive to things in the environment
  5. e an important area located just below the thalamus that serves as a regulator or control center for a number of motivations, such as hunger or thirst

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  1. a system of nerve cells that extends from the spinal cord up into the brain that can be compared to the channel selector and volume control on a TV; determines what we pay attention to and how intense our attention is
  2. the electrical process by which a signal travels from one end of a cell to the other
  3. the brainstem and spinal cord
  4. works with cerebellum and cortex for smooth and coordinated body movements
  5. refers to the fact that when a neuron fires the signal goes all the way and at full strength

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  1. peripheral nervous systemthe brainstem and spinal cord


  2. depolarizationthe process that occurs as positively charged sodium ions enter a neuron and the inside of the cell becomes more positively charged


  3. action potentialthe electrical charge on the inside of a neuron at rest. It measures precisely -70 millivolts


  4. sympathetic divisiona division of the autonomic nervous system made up of the nerves that use energy in situations of danger


  5. parasympathetic divisiona division of the autonomic nervous system consisting of nerves that slow one down, relaxes one, and help conserve energy by digesting food and reducing heartbeat and blood pressure


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