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  1. somatic nervous system
  2. brainstem
  3. axon
  4. olfactory bulb
  5. endocrine system
  1. a the nerves that serve the senses that go to the skeletal muscles
  2. b a system of glands located throughout the body that secrete chemicals (hormones) into the bloodstream, often influencing moods and behaviors
  3. c the brain area just at the top of the spinal cord where the brain and spinal cord meet. it includes a number of regions responsible for basic body functions.
  4. d a brain area that receives and processes information from the smell receptors in the nose
  5. e the relatively long branch that extends out of the soma of a neuron and carries messages

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  1. refers to the fact that when a neuron fires the signal goes all the way and at full strength
  2. an area in the brainstem that keeps one awake and attentive to things in the environment
  3. the feeling that persists in a limb that has been amputated. This demonstrates that the sense of feeling is in the brain
  4. an important area located just below the thalamus that serves as a regulator or control center for a number of motivations, such as hunger or thirst
  5. the brainstem and spinal cord

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  1. nodes of Ranvieropenings in the myelin cover where sodium can enter the cell


  2. fusiform face areaa specialized area that allows quick recognition and memory of faces


  3. electroencephalogram (EEG)the brainstem and spinal cord


  4. myelinthe major type of cell in the nervous system that sends and receives signals. Often called a brain cell


  5. autonomic nervous systemthe nerves that serve the senses that go to the skeletal muscles


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