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  1. gates (channels)
  2. endocrine system
  3. myelin
  4. sympathetic division
  5. nodes of Ranvier
  1. a little openings in the neuron
  2. b the white, fatty substance that surrounds portions of the axon of a neuron
  3. c a division of the autonomic nervous system made up of the nerves that use energy in situations of danger
  4. d a system of glands located throughout the body that secrete chemicals (hormones) into the bloodstream, often influencing moods and behaviors
  5. e openings in the myelin cover where sodium can enter the cell

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  1. an important area located just below the thalamus that serves as a regulator or control center for a number of motivations, such as hunger or thirst
  2. a series of interconnected structures that lie between the brainstem and the cortex; it processes emotional feelings and reactions
  3. Greek for seahorse, this part of the brain bends around the inside of the temporal lobe. An important region for the formation and storage of conscious memories
  4. the firing of a neuron. An electical charge travels from one end to the other
  5. the brain area just at the top of the spinal cord where the brain and spinal cord meet. it includes a number of regions responsible for basic body functions.

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  1. pituitary glanda gland in the brain that is sometimes called the "master gland" because it releases hormones that influence other glands in the body


  2. Prader-Willi Syndromea rare genetic disorder that causes a person's hypothalamus to malfunction. the sufferer has an insatiable appetite, always feeling hungry. Other problems include shortness, low muscle tone, and mental retardation


  3. axonthe relatively long branch that extends out of the soma of a neuron and carries messages


  4. reticular formationthe process that occurs as positively charged sodium ions enter a neuron and the inside of the cell becomes more positively charged


  5. cerebellumthe branches at the end of the axon of a neuron that send a chemical signal to a muscle, an organ, or to another neuron


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