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  1. cones
  2. place theory
  3. fovea
  4. priming
  5. intensity
  1. a the amount of energy in a light or sound wave
  2. b the central focal point in the retina around which the eye's cones cluster
  3. c retinal receptors that function in daylight, and give rise to color sensation
  4. d the activation, often unconsciously, of certain association,
  5. e in hearing, the theoru that links the pitch we hear with the place where the cochlea's membrane is stimulated

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  1. retinal receptors that detect black
  2. the sense of body movement and position, including the sense of balance
  3. the number of complete wavelengths thatpass a pont in a given time
  4. a coiled bony, fluid filled tube in the inner ear through which sound waves trigger nerve impulses
  5. the principle that, to be perceived as different, two stimuli must differ by a constant minimum percentage

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  1. irisa ring of muscle tissue that forms the colored portion of the eye around the pupil


  2. difference thresholdthe minimum difference between thow stimuli required for detection 50 percent of the time.


  3. accomodationthe process by which the eye's lens changes shape to focus near or far objects


  4. cochlear implanta device for converting sounds into electrical signals and stimulating the auditory nerve through electrodes threaded into the cochlea


  5. transductioncinversion of one form of energy into another


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