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Lyons Ap Psych Vocab Ch. 5 Test

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  1. farsightedness
  2. feature detectors
  3. priming
  4. signal detection theory
  5. psychophysics
  1. a a theory predicting how and when we detect the presence of a faint stumulous
  2. b the condition in which far away objects are seen more clearly than near objects
  3. c nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of the stimulus
  4. d the activation, often unconsciously, of certain association,
  5. e the study of relationships between the physical characteristics of stimuli

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  1. the nerve that carries neural impulses from the eye to the brain
  2. the principle that, to be perceived as different, two stimuli must differ by a constant minimum percentage
  3. the central focal point in the retina around which the eye's cones cluster
  4. perceiving familliar objects as having consistant color, even if changing illimination alter the wave lengths reflected by the object
  5. the adjustable opening in the center of the eye through which light enters

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  1. subliminalbelow one's absolute threshold for conscious awareness


  2. blind spotthe point at which the optic nerve leaves the eye


  3. sensory adaptationthe process by which our sensory receptors and nervous system recieve and represent stimulus energies from our enviornment


  4. conduction hearing losshearing loss caused by damage to the mechanical system that dunducts sound waves to the cochlea


  5. acuitythe light sensitive inner surface of the eye containing the receptor rods and cones plus layers of neurons that begin the process of visual information


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