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  1. INTRAMURAL adjective
  2. OPULENT (power word)
  3. UNILATERAL adjective
  4. DEFICIT noun
  5. DETRIMENT noun
  1. a rich or lavish; showy and extravagant
  2. b within the walls or boundaries; confined to members
  3. c harm or loss
  4. d One-sided; done by or affecting one person, group, or country, etc., and not another.
  5. e a shortage; a lack in amount

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  1. extent of freedom from normal restraints
  2. having two sides
  3. to make or grow less, to weaken
  4. related to the functions and activities of living organisms
  5. feeling with passion

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  1. INTRASTATE adjectiveWithin a state.
    Synonym; statebound


  2. DEMORALIZE verbto deprive (a person/persons) of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.


  3. PERVASIVE (power word)feeling with passion


  4. DETRACTOR nounharm or loss


  5. LATERAL adjectivehaving two sides


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