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  1. DEFICIT noun
  2. BILATERAL adjective
  3. DESIGNATE verb
  4. OPULENT (power word)
  5. AMELIORATE (power word)
  1. a to make or grow less, to weaken
  2. b a shortage; a lack in amount
  3. c rich or lavish; showy and extravagant
  4. d having two sides
  5. e give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)

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  1. Connected with relationships between people.
    Synonym; with others
  2. spreading through everything
  3. to interpret or read something confusing or hard to make out
  4. extent of freedom from normal restraints
  5. within the walls or boundaries; confined to members

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  1. UNILATERAL adjectivehaving two sides


  2. LATERAL adjectiveRelating to, or situated at or on, the side.
    Synonym; sideward, flanking


  3. INTERVAL nounextent of freedom from normal restraints


  4. DETRIMENT nounSomething or someone that speaks ill of something/someone ; someone who criticizes someone unfairly to take away from the value of something.
    Synonym; blamer, maligner


  5. DEPLETION nounA reduced amount or size.
    Synonym; loss, consumption


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