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  1. Yama
  2. Niyama
  3. Eight Limbs
  4. Yama
  5. Uddhiyana Bandha
  1. a Flying up lock
    abdomen above and below navel
  2. b 1. Yama: ethical disciplines
    2. Niyama: self-observation
    3. Asanas: postures
    4. Pranayama: controlled life force breathing
    5. Pratyahara: sensory withdrawal
    6. Dharana: concentration
    7. Dhyana: meditation
    8. Samadhi: ultimate peace, blissful euphoria
  3. c purity
  4. d non-harming
  5. e truth

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  1. destroys the individual ego through unconditional love to something more than you
  2. Crown Chakra
    unity with the devine body
    upper brain, top of skull
    pineal gland
    inversons, padmasana, meditation
    union with all that is, divine connection
  3. Root lock
    Lower: leg lock
    upper: between anus and sex organs
  4. Solar plexus chakra
    mental body
    abdomen, lower back, digestive system, nervous system
    pancrea gland
    abs, navasana, leg lifts, waistline, bandha
    trust, will power, gut instinct
  5. Root chakra
    physical body
    teeth, nails, legs, lower organs, intestine, dense solid parts
    adrenal gland
    lower mulabandha, standing poses, squats, 1 legged poses
    survival, groundedness, tribal relationships, fear of death

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  1. yogaoneness there is no separate you


  2. 4 Main Paths
    Jnana Yoga
    Follow the 8-limbed path
    control your behavior, thoughts, judgments in a certain way (yama) Discipline your ego. Practice yoga in a certain way (niyama)


  3. Chakra
    Heart Chakra
    astral body
    heart, blood, cardiovascular, respiratory, ribcage
    thiyus gland
    shoulder openers, fish, backbends
    love freely, no negativity, universal love


  4. Yoga Chitta Vritti NirodhaWhen you stop identifying with your mind, there is yoga
    *know sanscrit and english


  5. Natural Curves of the Spinecoccyx
    lumbar spine: L1-L5
    thoracic spine: T1-T12
    cervical spine: C1-C7
    *be able to draw and label


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