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  1. Je me brosse les dents.
  2. Je fais la lessive.
  3. de l'après-shampooing
  4. Je prends une douche.
  5. J'arrive à l'école.
  1. a I brush my teeth.
  2. b I do the laundry.
  3. c some conditioner (voyelle)
  4. d I take a shower.
  5. e I arrive at school.

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  1. a toothbrush (f.)
  2. I take a bath.
  3. late
  4. I go to school.
  5. a mirror (f.)

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  1. Je me lave la figure.I wash my face.


  2. Je me réveille.I put on makeup.


  3. du dentifricesome shampoo (m.)


  4. Je me maquille.I put on makeup.


  5. Je dîne.I eat lunch.


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