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  1. Khyber Pass
  2. fourth
  3. Brahmaputra
  4. Deccan Plateau
  5. Himilayan Mountain Region
  1. a seasonal rivers, minimal amounts of rain
  2. b _____ largest Muslim country in the world
  3. c river; "son of Brahma"
  4. d "dwelling place of the Gods"; 1500 mile wall; defines sub-continent; snow is life-blood
  5. e trade route from Rome to China that runs through India

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  1. Bangladesh... in Ganges Delta
  2. a vast and self-contained subdivision of a continent
  3. Bangladesh is about the size of ____ ______
  4. "town of Islam" in Pakistan
  5. capital of Pakistan

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  1. ghatsBangladesh... in Ganges Delta


  2. BangaloreSilicon Valley of India... "yuppy city", mountains


  3. Indusriver;


  4. Indo-Gangetic PlainHindustan... fertile area is heartland of sub-continent


  5. secondholy city; India


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