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  1. Amritsar
  2. Calcutta
  3. 16 million
  4. Bangalore
  5. Chennai
  1. a aka Madras... Madras cloth- India
  2. b religious center of the Sikhs, like Jews with Jerusalem; Northern India
  3. c India's population rises ______ each year
  4. d Silicon Valley of India... "yuppy city", mountains
  5. e Bengali language, artistic, squalor; in India

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  1. between Ghats and sea; rice growing, coastal fishing.. West side is Malabar Coast
  2. 80% of religion in India
  3. holy city; India
  4. seasonal prevailing wind
  5. Bangladesh is about the size of ____ ______

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  1. Gangesriver; "Mother Ganga"- goddess; many deltas


  2. ghatsBangladesh... in Ganges Delta


  3. DhakaBangladesh... in Ganges Delta


  4. Manmohan SinghIndian PM since 2004, economist, Indian National Congress... PUNJABI SIKH!


  5. fourth"high place"... either side of India's southern region


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