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  1. lipid bilayer
  2. tissue
  3. concentration
  4. equillibrium
  5. isotonic
  1. a
    double-layered sheet that forms the core of nearly all cell membranes
  2. b
    (used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure
  3. c
    group of similar cells that perform a particular function
  4. d when the concentration of a solute is the same throughout a solution
  5. e the strength of a solution

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  1. diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane

  2. an organelle found in the cytoplasm of most cells (especially in leukocytes and liver and kidney cells) it is filled with enzymes that breakdown cells
  3. (biology) the theory that cells form the fundamental structural and functional units of all living organisms

  4. The organelle where ribosomes are made, synthesized and partially assembled, located in the nucleus

  5. the process by which a substance is released from the cell through a vesicle that transports the substance to the cell surface and then fuses with the membrane to let the substance out

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  1. mitochondria
    (used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure


  2. organ
    a fully differentiated structural and functional unit made of tissues in an animal or plant that is specialized for some particular function


  3. golgi apparatus
    stack of membranes in the cell that modifies, sorts, and packages proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum


  4. cell wall
    strong layer around the cell membrane in plants, algae, and some bacteria


  5. cell specializationthe process in which cells develop in different ways to perform different tasks


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