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  1. ballot
  2. judge
  3. government
  4. citizen
  5. government service
  1. a a group of citizens that runs a community, state, or country
  2. b a list of all the choices in an election
  3. c the person in chage of a court that makes sure the court protects the rights of all citizens
  4. d a person who lives in and belongs to a community
  5. e something that the government of a community provides for all the citizens

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  1. the lawmaking branch of our country's government
  2. decides on laws for the whole country
  3. a line that shows where a state or country ends on a map
  4. a choice that gets counted
  5. explains what the symbols on a map mean

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  1. governorleader of a state


  2. presidenta kind of freedom


  3. taxmoney people pay to the government


  4. problemsomething that makes things difficult


  5. lawmoney people pay to the government


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