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  1. community
  2. supreme court
  3. president
  4. problem
  1. a people who work and play together
  2. b the leader of the United States government
  3. c something that makes things difficult
  4. d decides on laws for the whole country

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  1. a rule that citizens must follow
  2. the lawmaking branch of our country's government
  3. money people pay to the government
  4. the person in chage of a court that makes sure the court protects the rights of all citizens
  5. leader of a state

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  1. consequencea group of people chosen by citizens to make choices for them


  2. councilpeople who work and play together


  3. righta choice that gets counted


  4. responsibilitythe leader of the United States government


  5. mayorleads a city or town


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