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  1. loyalty to a region
  2. What issue led to the formation of the republican party
  3. Conflict between citizens of the same country
  4. The act that was an attempt to pacify slaveholders during 1850 that required all citizens to help catch runaways (runaway slaves)
  5. A senator from Kentucky that proposed a series of amendments to the Constitution
  1. a sectionalism
  2. b John Crittenden
  3. c anitslavery
  4. d civil war
  5. e Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

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  1. popular sovereignty
  2. Confederate States of America
  3. inevitable
  4. border ruffian
  5. find reason to support

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  1. withdrawal from the unionsectionalism


  2. subject of disscussionsectionalism


  3. to leave or withdrawsecede


  4. firm and inflexiblerigid


  5. An interconnected system of people or thingsnetwork


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