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  1. to refuse to accept
  2. not lasting
  3. to control
  4. how would the issue of slavery in kansas and nebraska be decided under the kansas-nebraska act?
  5. The act that added the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to the U.S. and repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed settlers to vote if slavery should be legal or illegal in the new territories
  1. a regulate
  2. b the people would vote on if there should be slavery or not
  3. c reject
  4. d Kansas-Nebraska Act
  5. e temporary

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  1. they believed that it would force the northerners to recognize the right of the southerners. instead it exposed many northerners to the evils of slavery and many northerners refused to obey the act.
  2. secession
  3. Republican Party
  4. Abraham Lincoln
  5. arsenal

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  1. Missourian who traveled in armed groups to vote in Kansas's election during the mid-1850ssouth carolina fought back


  2. What action did south carolina take after lincoln won the election of 1860?anitslavery


  3. The senator that divided Clay's plan into parts that could be voted on separatelyFort Sumter


  4. The U.S. fort on an island guarding Charleston harborJefferson Davis


  5. the compromise that was created to preserve the balance between slave and free states in the SenateMissouri Compromise


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