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The American Journey Ch. 15 Test

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  1. to leave or withdraw
  2. The president of the Confederate States of America
  3. How did Stephen Douglas help win approval of the Compromise of 1850?
  4. The senator that divided Clay's plan into parts that could be voted on separately
  5. what was the significance of the attack on fort sumter?
  1. a secede
  2. b its was the first battle of the civil war and the south fired the first shot
  3. c Jefferson Davis
  4. d He divided it into parts that could be voted on separately
  5. e Stephen A. Douglas

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  1. network
  2. Compromise of 1850
  3. the people would vote on if there should be slavery or not
  4. abstain
  5. topic

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  1. how did southerners expect northerners to react to the fugitive slave act? how did the northerners actually react?they refused to capture slaves that had run away


  2. The document that banned the spread of slavery into the new territories gained by the U.S.Confederate States of America


  3. The name of the states that seceded from the UnionConfederate States of America


  4. to controltemporary


  5. to refuse to acceptreject


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