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  1. The five bills passed in 1850 that were part of Clay's plan and divided by Stephen A. Douglas
  2. A senator from Kentucky that proposed a series of amendments to the Constitution
  3. the compromise that was created to preserve the balance between slave and free states in the Senate
  4. how would the issue of slavery in kansas and nebraska be decided under the kansas-nebraska act?
  5. How did the Missouri Compromise preserve the balance of power in the U.S. Senate?
  1. a Compromise of 1850
  2. b the people would vote on if there should be slavery or not
  3. c John Crittenden
  4. d Missouri Compromise
  5. e It kept the amount of free and slave states the same

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  1. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  2. to keep the south from seceding the Union
  3. abstain
  4. its was the first battle of the civil war and the south fired the first shot
  5. James Buchanan

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  1. to leave or withdrawsecede


  2. Missourian who traveled in armed groups to vote in Kansas's election during the mid-1850ssouth carolina fought back


  3. unavoidableregulate


  4. The name of the states that seceded from the UnionConfederate States of America


  5. loyalty to a regionsectionalism


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