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  1. How did the Missouri Compromise preserve the balance of power in the U.S. Senate?
  2. In what ways did northerners defy the fugitive slave act?
  3. a fervent abolitionist that believed God chose him to end slavery and organised a group that killed 5 supporters of slavery and was hung for his actions
  4. What action did south carolina take after lincoln won the election of 1860?
  5. Political theory that government is subject to the will of the people (let the people decide)
  1. a they refused to capture slaves that had run away
  2. b south carolina fought back
  3. c John Brown
  4. d It kept the amount of free and slave states the same
  5. e popular sovereignty

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  1. topic
  2. border ruffian
  3. Confederate States of America
  4. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  5. Fort Sumter

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  1. A senator from Kentucky that proposed a series of amendments to the ConstitutionConfederate States of America


  2. What issue led to the formation of the republican partyanitslavery


  3. The senator that divided Clay's plan into parts that could be voted on separatelyFort Sumter


  4. How did the lincoln-douglas debates benefit lincoln?lincoln was not very experienced, and the debates gave him experience


  5. to controltemporary


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