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  1. how would the issue of slavery in kansas and nebraska be decided under the kansas-nebraska act?
  2. Missourian who traveled in armed groups to vote in Kansas's election during the mid-1850s
  3. justify
  4. The party formed when antislavery Whigs and Democrats joined forces with free-soilers
  5. unavoidable
  1. a border ruffian
  2. b find reason to support
  3. c the people would vote on if there should be slavery or not
  4. d Republican Party
  5. e inevitable

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  1. temporary
  2. regulate
  3. they believed that it would force the northerners to recognize the right of the southerners. instead it exposed many northerners to the evils of slavery and many northerners refused to obey the act.
  4. Missouri Compromise
  5. network

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  1. The senator that divided Clay's plan into parts that could be voted on separatelyStephen A. Douglas


  2. a storage place for weapons and ammunitionsecession


  3. a person who sacrifices his or her life for a principle or causenetwork


  4. How did the Missouri Compromise preserve the balance of power in the U.S. Senate?lincoln was not very experienced, and the debates gave him experience


  5. How did the lincoln-douglas debates benefit lincoln?its was the first battle of the civil war and the south fired the first shot


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