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  1. The document that banned the spread of slavery into the new territories gained by the U.S.
  2. What action did south carolina take after lincoln won the election of 1860?
  3. rights and powers independent of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the Constitution, the belief that states' rights supersede federal rights and law
  4. The party formed when antislavery Whigs and Democrats joined forces with free-soilers
  5. The name of the states that seceded from the Union
  1. a Confederate States of America
  2. b south carolina fought back
  3. c states' rights
  4. d Republican Party
  5. e Wilmot Proviso

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  1. secede
  2. fugitive
  3. regulate
  4. Dred Scott was considered property and the court could not take away property
  5. topic

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  1. The president of the Confederate States of AmericaConfederate States of America


  2. Conflict between citizens of the same countrysecession


  3. the republican president that challenged Stephen A. Douglas in many debatesAbraham Lincoln


  4. The U.S. fort on an island guarding Charleston harborFort Sumter


  5. The person from California chosen by the republicans as their candidate for presidentJohn C. Fremont


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