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  1. revenue bond
  2. capital gain
  3. 12b-1 fee
  4. general obligation bond
  5. capital gain distributions
  1. a a bond that is backed by the full faith and credit of the government that issued it.
  2. b a bond that is repaid from the income generated by the project it is designed to finance.
  3. c the profit you make from selling your shares in a mutual fund for a higher price than you paid for them.
  4. d are payments made to shareholders that result from the sale of securities in the fund's portfolio.
  5. e a fee that an investment company charges to help pay for marketing and advertising a mutual fund.

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  1. is the date when a bond will be repaid.
  2. are the earnings a fund pays to shareholders.
  3. is the rate of return, usually stated as a percentage, earned by an investor who holds a bond for a certain period of time.
  4. sometimes referred to as a secured bond, is a bond that is backed by assets of the corporation.
  5. a bond that an investor can trade for shares of the corporation's common stock.

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  1. subordinated debenturean unsecured bond that gives bond-holders a claim to interest payments and assets of the corporation only after all other bondholders have been paid.


  2. no-load funda mutual fund in which in which you pay a commision every time you purchase mutual fund in which you pay a commision every time you purchase shares.


  3. prospectsa report that provides potential investors with detailed information about a particular mutual fund.


  4. zero-coupon bondsometimes called a "muni" is a security issued by a state or local (town,city,county) government to pay for its ongoing activities.


  5. serial bondsa bond that is not registered in the investor's name.


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