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  1. until we figure out cures for cancer and whatnot, all we can work on is ________ _______
    do this by focusing on more on health
  2. These are _______ ________ ________ (we do not have to memorize the entire list but know a few)

    1. Have a sense of responsibility for your own health
    2. Manage Stress
    3. Maintain a high self esteem
    4. Understand your sexuality
    5. Avoid tobacco and other drugs
    6. Eat well and exercise maintain healthy weight
    7. Know when and how to treat illnesses
    8. Understand the healthcare system
    9. Know facts and symptoms of leading causes of death
    10. Understand aging process
    11. Understand how the environment affects health
  3. why ______ dont have the highest life expectancy: stressful lifestyle shuts taking care of personal wellness to the side (as one of the results, obesity is high)
    we are currently 50th in the world
  4. • Dazed
    • Confused about play
    • Forgets the play
    • Unsure of score, opponent
    • Appear really slow in answers
    • Down in attitude
    • Forgetful of before injury (retrograde amnesia)
    • Forgetful after injury (anterograde amnesia)
    • Loss of consciousness
  5. anything beneficial to your mind and body
  6. relatively recent ______ ________:
    city sanitation control
    antibiotics (pennicilan)
    vaccines (polio)
    fluoridation of water (teeth :D)

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  1. Baseline Testinga tool to help identify and treat concussions
    which helps to determine when it is safe for you to play again
    (the ImPACT test is a well-known type of it)


  2. internetthese are things to keep in mind when looking at _______ sources
    - what is the source of the site's information
    - how often is the site updated
    - is the site promotional
    - what do other sources say about the topic
    - does the site conform to any set of guidelines or criteria for quality and accuracy


  3. WHOorganization that focuses on research on health topics pertaining to the US only


  4. second impact syndromegetting a second concussion after the first is a possibly deadly condition known as


  5. Regina Benjaminname of current surgeon general (overseer of and spokesperson for health issues in America)


  6. types of wellness- physical
    - emotional
    - intellectual
    - spiritual
    - social
    - environmental


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