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  1. vacuous
  2. cloister
  3. preclude
  4. catholic
  5. Annihilate
  1. a 1)A covered walk along the inside walls of a building, usually looking out on a courtyard
    2)a monastery or similar place of religous seclusion
    3)to seclude as in a monastery
  2. b To destroy completely
  3. c Universal; including most things
  4. d Empty, especially of meaning or purpose
  5. e To prevent; to make impossible

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  1. 1)Feeding on both plants and meat
    2)devouring everything even intellectually
  2. The beginning of something
  3. The total rejection of religious or moral beliefs
  4. In it's early stages; beginning
  5. Having unlimited power; all-powerful

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  1. holocaustTo boast; to brag about


  2. totalitarianThe beginning of something


  3. overtDone or shown openly


  4. omnipresentHaving unlimited power; all-powerful


  5. panaceaA cure-all for diseases or troubles


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