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  1. This teaches us that Christ has put an end to sacrifices once and for all.
  2. This theologian insists that God is the subject of the atonement.
  3. He insists that animal sacrifice is really about redemption rather than punishment and suffering.
  4. She is credited with saying the following: "I want to speak about the Christian doctrine of atonement and the way it has been used to glorify abuse in our society. Women are acculturated to accept abuse, believe it is our place to suffer...The message is complicated further by the theology that says Christ suffered in obedience to his Father's will. This "divine child abuse" is paraded as salvific. The child who suffers without even raising a voice is lauded as the hope of the world."

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  1. The dramatic proclamation of the grace and love of GodThis most accurately captures the meaning of atonement.


  2. AnselmHis account of the atonement addresses the question of sin as the disruption of the moral order, and represents an insult and offense to God.


  3. FeministsOne of their common objections to the notion of the atonement is the view that sacrifice is unworthy of the Christian God.


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