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  1. Santa Anna
  2. Plan of Iguala
  3. Aztecs
  4. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  5. PRI
  1. a Before Inca, Spanish encountered them. In the aztec society, there was one king who was a divine ruler. this person ruled over the whole aztec kingdom and was passed down by lineage. They were really big on human sacrifice and found it kinda fun. The people that lived in the kingdom would ever so often (u know just for fun) practice blood letting, by stabbing their ears and tounges, releasing large amounts of blood "in honor of they gods". Montezuma was a representation of a god. They were very learned in the subject of the galaxy and were better at math than Vasco.
  2. b but it was a plan the made both the Pennisularies and the Creoles equal, this also include the stop of property confiscations of the two. this plan got widespread favor althow it completly ignored the lower classes ALSO, when Iturbide said Mexico would be a constitutional monarchy with a Bourbon king, but ended up being emperor himself
  3. c A Mexican general that rebelled against own government in 1835 and seized power and scrapped the constitution. Santa Anna captured Texas in the battle of Alamo. Dictator like, banned slavery in 1835 Saw war of Reform coming , plan to take him out. Resigned preemptively in 1855. He also was defeated in San Jacito
  4. d instituted in 1929 to bring peace to Mexico, by answering the people, but quickly grew to become another time of political repression, they PRI would select a new candidate to win every six years, as they were the dominant power in the Mexican Political system, also the PRI rigged the elections in favor of the candidate they chose, But the PRI was destroyed in 2000 after a rule of 71 years. They also did not tolerate opposition
  5. e The US demanded and got the northen half of Mexico, which included, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas

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  1. they were the military dictators. they came to vulnerable countries and tried to be friends with military and help take over countries.
  2. A doctrine thought up by Monroe and published by the US. It stated that the US had authority in Latin America, basically telling the Spanish to get out, and to not try to re-gain dominance in that part of the world.
  3. system the Spanish set up in the Americas to control the people who lived here. Spain gave land to Conquistadors, who then enslaved native peoples and took Africans for slaves. They would own enormous tracts of land and would grow crops and raise domesticated animals there.
  4. Full bred Spanish born in Spain, richest persons in Mexico and in charge
  5. 1933 Batista takes power (with US support)
    Rules on own or behind puppet presidents takes over as dictator in 1952,
    Refuses elections, represses opposition
    Very close ties to US

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  1. mestizoshalf Spanish half Indian) shut out of jobs—Indian's forced to pay tribute


  2. corridoshalf Spanish half Indian) shut out of jobs—Indian's forced to pay tribute


  3. Benito JuarezFull bred Spanish born in Spain, richest persons in Mexico and in charge


  4. Jose Marti-Born 1920, son of wealthy landowner
    University student leads anti- government agitation
    July 26, 1953 Castro leads attacks government army barracks
    Seeks refuge in mountains and organized guerilla attacks
    1958-59-overthrow government
    Feels like an outsider, resentful against wealthier students—extremely smart, knows from early on he's going to have a diff path than everybody else.


  5. PizarroSurvived from 1471-1541. Was a militarist stationed around the equator. With only 80 soldiers, he goes to the Inca empire and takes the emperor (atahualpa) prisoner, gets a "room full of gold" and kills atahualpa. Basically he humiliated the Inca.


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