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  1. adj. Too valuble to measure; priceless
  2. n. A strong feeling of emotion, especially joy. n. Anything that makes life esasier or more comfortable.
  3. v. To be slow in leaving or going away
  4. n. One that is held prisoner.adj Unable to escaape or get away. Captivity - n. The state of being held against one's will; loss of freedom
  5. n. 1. A long jouney by a group to explore. 2. A groupn that makes such a journey

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  1. Beneficialadj. Being of use; helpful; favorable


  2. Skirmish1. adj. Clumsily or akwardly expressed; not suitable for occasion. 2. lacking skill or ability


  3. Supplementn. Somthing added to make up for something missing. v. To add to.


  4. Interpret1. v. To translate into another language. 2. to explain the meaning of. 3. To understand in one's own way.


  5. Accompany1.v. To go along with; to be together. 2. To play musical instrament for or with.


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