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  1. adj. Too valuble to measure; priceless
  2. 1.v. To go along with; to be together. 2. To play musical instrament for or with.
  3. 1. v. To translate into another language. 2. to explain the meaning of. 3. To understand in one's own way.
  4. n. A strong feeling of emotion, especially joy. n. Anything that makes life esasier or more comfortable.
  5. n. 1. A particular area of land 2. a land area under control of a particular group or govement.

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  1. Skirmishn. A minor fight or battle v. To take part in such a fight


  2. Retrieven. One that is held prisoner.adj Unable to escaape or get away. Captivity - n. The state of being held against one's will; loss of freedom


  3. Expaditionn. 1. A long jouney by a group to explore. 2. A groupn that makes such a journey


  4. Beneficialadj. Suitable for ones needs; making life easier n. anything that makes life easier or more comfortable


  5. Expansen. A wide, open area or surface;stretch


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