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  1. adj. Suitable for ones needs; making life easier n. anything that makes life easier or more comfortable
  2. n. A minor fight or battle v. To take part in such a fight
  3. n. Somthing added to make up for something missing. v. To add to.
  4. 1. adj. Clumsily or akwardly expressed; not suitable for occasion. 2. lacking skill or ability
  5. v. To be slow in leaving or going away

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  1. Interpret1. v. To translate into another language. 2. to explain the meaning of. 3. To understand in one's own way.


  2. Captive1. v. To get back; recover 2. To find and bring back


  3. Accompany1.v. To go along with; to be together. 2. To play musical instrament for or with.


  4. Beneficial1. v. To get back; recover 2. To find and bring back


  5. Territoryn. A strong feeling of emotion, especially joy. n. Anything that makes life esasier or more comfortable.


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