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  1. The anterior part of the nasal septum is the site of an ______ involving all five arteries supplying the septum called ____
  2. Maxillary division of trigeminal nerve: travels through roof of the
    _________. It is carrying sensory information from the _____ and ____
  3. The _______, carries sensation regarding smell from the olfactory epithelium in the roof of the nasal cavity
  4. CSF rhinorrhea
  5. What are several important structures in the vicinity of the sphenoid sinus
  1. a anastomotic arterial plexus; Kiesselbach area
  2. b pterygopalatine fossa; nasal and oral
  3. c -CSF can leak into nasal cavity from fracture of cribriform plate.
    - Injecting dye into CSF will show up on cotton place in nose.
  4. d olfactory nerve (CN I)
  5. e optic nerve, pituitary gland, cavernous sinus and internal carotid arteries.

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  1. orbit
  2. pterygopalatine fossa with the nasal cavity
  3. located in the middle meatus; bulge that receives secretions from middle ethmoid air cells
  4. the incisive canal
  5. -anterior ethmoidal artery (from ophthalmic artery)
    - posterior ethmoidal artery (from ophthalmic artery)
    - sphenopalatine artery (from maxillary artery)
    - greater palatine artery (from maxillary artery)
    - septal branch of superior labial artery (from facial artery)

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  1. The nerve supply of the posterior-inferior portion of the nasal mucosa is
    mainly from the ______, by way of the ______ to the nasal septum, and ______ and ____branches of the _____ to the lateral wall.
    maxillary nerve; nasopalatine nerve; posterior superior lateral nasal; inferior lateral nasal; greater palatine nerve


  2. Sensation from external nosecarried by infratrochlear, external nasal and infraorbital nerves


  3. The conchae are namedsuperior, middle and inferior


  4. Nasal septumthe region of the pharynx just posterior to the nasal cavity


  5. The sphenopalatine branch of the maxillary artery goes through the ____ to the ______ while the descending
    palatine branch travels down to the ____
    sphenopalatine foramen to the nasal cavity; palate


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