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  1. Sensation from external nose
  2. Tensor veli palatini
  3. The nasal cavity opens to the nasopharynx through
  4. What forms the bony framework of the nose?
  5. The nasal cavity has openings for
  1. a maxillae and nasal bones
  2. b paranasal sinuses
  3. c carried by infratrochlear, external nasal and infraorbital nerves
  4. d choanae
  5. e muscle that tenses the soft palate during swallowing. It runs from the medial pterygoid plate, sphenoid spine and auditory tube
    to the soft palate. Its tendon loops around the pterygoid hamulus (of medial pterygoid plate). It is innervated by the Mandibular division of the
    Trigeminal Nerve (V3).

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  1. surface of eye through nasolacrimal duct
  2. olfactory nerve (CN I)
  3. 1. vestibule
    2. respiratory area
    3. olfactory area
  4. ophthalmic nerve (V1); anterior and posterior
    ethmoidal nerves, branches of the nasociliary nerve
  5. located in the middle meatus; has openings for secretions from frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and anterior ethmoid air cells

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  1. Maxillary division of trigeminal nerve: travels through roof of the
    _________. It is carrying sensory information from the _____ and ____
    pterygopalatine fossa; infratemporal fossa


  2. The anterior part of the nasal septum is the site of an ______ involving all five arteries supplying the septum called ____divide into lateral and medial (septal) branches


  3. The nasal cavity communicates with surface of _____ via nasolacrimal ducteye


  4. Maxillary sinus
    -opens into
    -foof forms ___
    -opens into middle meatus (via semilunar hiatus)
    - roof forms floor of orbit
    -innervated by V2


  5. The greater palatine artery reaches the septum viasuperior, middle and inferior


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