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  1. Pterygopalatine ganglion
  2. Superior meatus receives secretions from
  3. Kiesselbach area
  4. Inferior meatus receives secretions (tears) from
  5. The meatuses are named
  1. a a parasympathetic ganglion of the facial
    nerve (CN VII), The parasympathetics are delivered to the nasal cavity, oral cavity and the lacrimal gland in the orbit.
  2. b superior, middle and inferior
  3. c anastomotic arterial plexus involving all
    five arteries (above) supplying the anterior part of the nasal septum
  4. d surface of eye through nasolacrimal duct
  5. e posterior ethmoid air cells

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  1. a groove between salpingopharyngeal fold and
    posterior wall of nasopharynx
  2. - opens into middle meatus (via semilunar hiatus)
    - left and right usually asymmetrical
    -innervated by V1
  3. infratrochlear nerve and the external nasal branch of the anterior ethmoidal nerve; Alae is supplied by the nasal branches of the infratrochlear nerve (from V2)
  4. pterygopalatine fossa.
  5. anastomotic arterial plexus; Kiesselbach area

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  1. Borders of the pterygopalatine fossa?
    - Posteriorly
    - Medially
    - Superiorly
    - Laterally
    -Anteriorly: maxilla
    -Posteriorly: pterygoid process of sphenoid bone
    - Medially: perpendicular plate of palatine bone
    - Superiorly: inferior surface of sphenoid bone
    - Laterally: pyramidal process of palatine bone


  2. Anterior ethmoidal artery, posterior ethmoidal artery and sphenopalatine artersuperior concha; sphenoid sinus


  3. Inferior orbital fissure allows the pterygopalatine fossa allows communication with themiddle cranial fossa


  4. Sphenoid Sinuslocated in the middle meatus; has openings for secretions from frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and anterior ethmoid air cells


  5. Sensation from external nosecarried by infratrochlear, external nasal and infraorbital nerves


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