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  1. what is cognitive moral education
  2. what are the five areas of moral education?
  3. what is love withdrawal
  4. How did Kohlberg believe moral development occurred?
  5. what is Kohlberg's level three
  1. a students learn to value things like democracy and justice does not work in an authoritarian school
  2. b unfolds in a series of stories
  3. c 1. hidden curriculum
    2. character education
    3. values clarification
    4. cognitive moral education
    5. service learning
  4. d Post conventional reasoning - full internalization
    attainment of the highest level of moral reasoning. acknowledges possibility of conflict between two socially accepted standards and tried to decide between them - control of conflict is now internal.
  5. e Im going to leave you if you continue to do that

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  1. 1. moral thought and moral behavior
    2. assessment of moral reasoning
    3. culture
    4. gender and the care perspective
    5. behaviour
  2. part of level I - individualism, conform to rules out of self-interest and consideration look at act in terms of the human needs it meets - what's in it for me
  3. teaching students about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  4. service learning
  5. 1. grades improve, more motivated, set more goals
    2. self esteem improves
    3. improved sense that they can make a difference for others
    4. increased likelihood of volunteering in future

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  1. How did Kohlberg test his theoriesusing a series of moral dilemmas


  2. what is the criticism of gender and the care perspective1. relationships and concern for others are not adequately reflected (Gilligan)
    2. most research using kohlberg stories and scoring system do not find sex differences
    3. Female "care perspective" and males "justice perspective" are not mutually exclusive


  3. What are the three domains examined regarding standards or right and wrong1. Thoughts
    2. Feelings
    3. Behaviours


  4. What is moral developmentspanking threatening removing privileges


  5. what are three child rearing techniques of moral developmentlove withdrawal
    power assertion


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