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  1. what is justice perspective
  2. How did Kohlberg test his theories
  3. what is service learning
  4. what is kohlberg's stage 5
  5. What was Bandura's criticism of moral thoughts and behaviour
  1. a get students to do service in community
  2. b people don't usually engage in harmful conduct until they have justified the morality of their actions to themselves
  3. c part of level III - morality of contract of individual rights and of democratically accepted law - think in rational terms valuing the will of the majority and the welfare of society - may be an exception to the rule - reason that individual values, rights and principles transcend the law
  4. d Kohlberg - focuses on the rights of the individual; individuals stand alone and independently make moral decisions
  5. e using a series of moral dilemmas

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  1. teaching students about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  2. 1. modelling
    2. cognitive conflict
    3. peer relations
    4. role-taking opportunities
  3. Im going to leave you if you continue to do that
  4. Preconventional reasoning - NO internalization - ages 4-9; emphasis on external control - standards are those of others and are observed to avoid punishment or reap rewards
  5. asking students to choose but not telling them what their values should be

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  1. what is care perspectiveKohlberg - focuses on the rights of the individual; individuals stand alone and independently make moral decisions


  2. How did studies show that individuals in diverse cultures developed?induction - more positively related to moral development


  3. what is kohlberg's stage 3part of level II - maintaining mutual relations, approval of others the golden rule - want to please and help others - can judge the intentions of others - evaluate an act based on the motive behind it or the person performing it


  4. What did Kohlberg believe moral development is based onunfolds in a series of stories


  5. What is moral developmentspanking threatening removing privileges


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