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Unit 4 Psychology Test

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  1. perceptual consistancy
  2. priming
  3. top-down processing
  4. Gate-control theory
  5. hue
  1. a
    color, or aspects of colors
  2. b The spinal cord contains a "gate" that blocks pain signals or allows them to pass on to the brain. It's opened by the activity of pain signals traveling up small nerve fibers and is closed by activity in large fibers or information coming from the brain.
  3. c perceiving objects as unchanging (having consistent shapes, size, lightness, and color) even as illumination and retinal images change.
  4. d Constructing perceptions based on our experiences and expectations
  5. e the activation, often unconsciously, of certain associations, thus predisposing one's perception, memory, or response.

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  1. failing to notice changes in the environment.
  2. Ernst Weber; the principle that accounts for how one notices the difference threshold for any change must be proportional

  3. place on the retina out where the optic nerve leaves the eye, no receptors (rods/cones) are located here
  4. brain determines pitch by the place on the basilar membrane, works best for high pitch
  5. The innermost part of the ear, containing the cochlea, semicircular canals, and vestibular sacs.

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  1. Herman von HelmholtzThe distance from the peak of one light or sound wave to the peak of the next. Electromagnetic wavelengths vary from longer/red, shorter/blue


  2. audtitionThe sense of hearing.


  3. Lensthe color part of the eye; made of muscle that contracts/relaxes to control the size of the people allowing light to enter the eye


  4. Color constancythe perception of an object as the same size regardless of the distance from which it is viewed; example someone height


  5. sensationThe sense of hearing.


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