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  1. binocular cues
  2. kinesthesis
  3. conduction hearing loss
  4. transduction
  5. Sensory interaction
  1. a The principle that one sense may influence another, as when the smell of food influences its taste.
  2. b Conversion of one form of energy into another. In sensation, the transforming of stimulus energies into neural impulses.
  3. c sense of muscle movement, posture, and strain on muscles/joints; provides information on speed and direction of movement; works with vestibular sense
  4. d Hearing loss caused by damage to the mechanical system that conducts sound waves to the cochlea.
  5. e visual messages/cues that require two eyes (retinal disparity, convergence)

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  1. the mental process of sorting, identifying, and arranging raw sensory data into meaningful patterns
  2. small opening in the center of the iris
  3. The chamber between the eardrum and cochlea containing three tiny bones (Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup) that concentrate the vibrations (conduction) of the eardrum on the cochlea's oval window.
  4. auditory experience corresponding to the frequency of sound vibrations, resulting in a higher or lower tone
  5. Study of paranormal phenomena, including ESP and psychokinesis

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  1. Color constancyPerceiving familiar objects as having consistent color, even if changing illumination alters the wave-lengths reflected by the object


  2. taste budsgroups of cells located on the tongue that enable one to recognize different tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salt)


  3. blind spot
    place on the retina out where the optic nerve leaves the eye, no receptors (rods/cones) are located here


  4. subliminal perceptionSensory information that is detected without our conscious knowledge


  5. frequencyThe number of complete wavelengths that pass a point in a given time (for example, per second).


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