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  1. • Bursitis results from _
  2. What are the symptoms of a sprain and strain?
  3. What are the manifestations of a Subluxation?
  4. • Manifestations of rotator cuff include _
  5. What is a repetitive strain injury?
  1. a Pain, edema, and decrease in function.
  2. b Similar to dislocation, but may require less time to heal.
  3. c _repeated or excessive trauma or friction, rheumatoid arthritis, or infection.
  4. d _shoulder weakness, pain, and decreased range of motion (ROM).
  5. e RSI - cumulative traumatic disorder resulting from repetitive movements, awkward postures or sustained force.

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  1. Prevention involves educating employees and employers to identify risk factors.
  2. Through education and ergonomics.
  3. _gradually from aging, repetitive stress, or injury to the shoulder while falling.
  4. Pressure from trauma or edema caused by inflammation of tendon (tenosynovitis), rheumatoid arthritis or soft tissue masses.
  5. Self limiting, with full functioning returning within 3 - 6 weeks.

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  1. What is a sprain?Excessive stretching of a muscle and its fascial sheath, often involving the tendon.


  2. What is Dislocation?Partial or incomplete displacement of the joint surface.


  3. • ACL injuries usually occur __gradually from aging, repetitive stress, or injury to the shoulder while falling.


  4. • Signs of fracture include __immediate localized pain, decreased function, and inability to bear weight or use affected part. Obvious bone deformity may be present.


  5. How are strains and sprains classified?First, second or third degree depending on the amount of damage.


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