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  1. What can reduce the risk of sprains and strains?
  2. What is a sprain?
  3. What are the effects of a mild sprain?
  4. • Fractures can be classified as _
  5. What is the point of RICE?
  1. a _displaced (open) or nondisplaced (closed) depending on communication or noncommunication with the external environment.
  2. b Warming up prior to exercising and before vigorous activity followed by stretching.
  3. c Decrease inflammation and pain for most soft tissue injuries.
  4. d Self limiting, with full functioning returning within 3 - 6 weeks.
  5. e Injury to ligamentous structures surrounding a joint, usually caused by wrenching or twisting motion.

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  1. Prevention involves educating employees and employers to identify risk factors.
  2. Surgical repair of a muscle and surrounding fascia or tendons.
  3. Identifying the precipitating activity, modification of activity, pain management with heat/cold application, rest, physical therapy, for strengthening and conditioning, and lifestyle changes.
  4. Directed toward pain relief and support and protection of the injured joint.
  5. _disruption or break in the continuity of the bone structure.

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  1. What is Subluxation?Severe injury of the ligamentous structure that surrounds a joint.


  2. • Rotator cuff injury may occur __from noncontact when the athlete pivots, lands from a jump, or slows down when running.


  3. • Rest is often the only treatment needed __immediate localized pain, decreased function, and inability to bear weight or use affected part. Obvious bone deformity may be present.


  4. • ACL injuries usually occur __gradually from aging, repetitive stress, or injury to the shoulder while falling.


  5. What are other manifestations of dislocation?Similar to dislocation, but may require less time to heal.


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