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  1. • Bursitis results from _
  2. What are the manifestations of a Subluxation?
  3. What is the most obvious sign of Dislocation?
  4. What is a repetitive strain injury?
  5. How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused?
  1. a Deformity.
  2. b Pressure from trauma or edema caused by inflammation of tendon (tenosynovitis), rheumatoid arthritis or soft tissue masses.
  3. c Similar to dislocation, but may require less time to heal.
  4. d RSI - cumulative traumatic disorder resulting from repetitive movements, awkward postures or sustained force.
  5. e _repeated or excessive trauma or friction, rheumatoid arthritis, or infection.

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  1. _the majority of fractures
  2. Severe injury of the ligamentous structure that surrounds a joint.
  3. _from noncontact when the athlete pivots, lands from a jump, or slows down when running.
  4. CTS - caused by compression of the median nerve, which enters the hand through carpal tunnel.
  5. Identifying the precipitating activity, modification of activity, pain management with heat/cold application, rest, physical therapy, for strengthening and conditioning, and lifestyle changes.

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  1. What is Subluxation?Partial or incomplete displacement of the joint surface.


  2. What can severe strains require?Surgical repair of a muscle and surrounding fascia or tendons.


  3. • Bone goes through__eight stages of self-healing (union).


  4. • Fracture is a __fracture of the distal radius. Manifestations are pain, swelling, and obvious deformity of the wrist.


  5. What is a sprain?Excessive stretching of a muscle and its fascial sheath, often involving the tendon.


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