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  1. hemoptysis
  2. laryngectomy
  3. sinusitis
  4. hypercapnia
  5. Cheyne-Stokes respiration
  1. a Inflammatin of the sinuses.
  2. b Spitting of blood or bloodstained sputum derived from the lungs or bronchial tubes as the result of a pulmonary or bronchial hemorrhage.
  3. c Surgical removal of the larynx.
  4. d The abnormal buildup of carvon dioxide in the blood.
  5. e Pattern of alternating periods of rapid breathing, slow breathin, and the absence of breathing.

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  1. Inglammation of the visceral and parietal pleura in the toracic cavity.
  2. Surgical repair of the pharynx.
  3. The loss of the ability of the laryns to produce normal speech sounds.
  4. The cavity located between the lungs.
  5. Abnormal increase in the depth and rate of the respiratory movements.

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  1. tracheostomyUsually an emergency procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain acdess to the airway below a blockage.


  2. hypoxemiaA condition of having below normal oxygen level in the blood.


  3. empyemaProgressive loss of lung function due to a decrease in the total number of alveoli, the enlargement of the remaining alveoli, and then the progressive destruction of their walls.


  4. asbestosisThe form of pneumoconiosis caused by asbestos particles in the lungs.


  5. hypopneaAbnormal increase in the depth and rate of the respiratory movements.


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