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  1. asthma
  2. pneumonectomy
  3. tracheotomy
  4. epistaxis
  5. anoxia
  1. a The absence of oxygen from the body/es gases, blood, or tissues.
  2. b Bleeding from the nose.
  3. c A chronic alleric disorder characterized by spisodes of severe breathing difficulty, coughing and wheezing.
  4. d Surgical removal of all or part of a lung.
  5. e Usually an emergency procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain acdess to the airway below a blockage.

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  1. The abnormal buildup of carvon dioxide in the blood.
  2. Visual examination of the bronchi using a bronchoscope.
  3. Specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat.
  4. External monitor to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood.
  5. Puncture of the chest wall with a needle to obtain fluid from the pleual cavity for diagnostic purposes, to drain pleural effusions or to reexpand a collapsed lung.

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  1. laryngectomyVisual examination of the larynx using a laryngoscope.


  2. bradypneaAbnormally rapid rate of respiration, usually of more than 20 breaths per minute.


  3. anthracosisThe form pneumoconiosos caused by coal dust in the lungs.


  4. laryngoscopySurgical removal of the larynx.


  5. bronchorrheaVisual examination of the bronchi using a bronchoscope.


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