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  1. coterie
  2. substantiate
  3. idly
  4. admonition
  5. opulent
  1. a an act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning
  2. b with no particular purpose, reason, or foundation
  3. c a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, esp. one that is exclusive of other people
  4. d ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish
  5. e provide evidence to support or prove the truth of

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  1. an urgent need or demand
  2. shortened by cutting off the top or the end
  3. petty; trivial
  4. anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment
  5. walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace

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  1. ineffabletoo great or extreme to be expressed or described in words


  2. beatitudesupreme blessedness


  3. vindicatetoo great or extreme to be expressed or described in words


  4. fastidiousvery attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail


  5. ostensiblyapparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually


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