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  1. Wyandotte County Line
  2. 56 HWY - Morgan
  3. Even numbered addresses
  4. Miami County Line
  5. 56 HWY - US56
  1. a North and West
  2. b In Edgerton (Morgan becomes US56 at Sunflower Rd)
  3. c 47th St
  4. d 215th St
  5. e Between Edgerton and Gardner (US56 becomes Main St at Waverly Rd)

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  1. Covers 75 square miles
  2. After loop, US56 south intersects with Cedar Niles at I35 and becomes 175th St
  3. Old 56 - south half of loop, north
    US56 - north half of loop, south
    New Century Pkwy crosses this intersection
  4. In Gardner (Main becomes US56 at Moonlight Rd)
  5. West to East: 199th St, Morgan, US56, Main, US56/Old 56 and Old 56

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  1. Odd numbered addressesSouth and East


  2. Douglass County Line215th St


  3. I435 & I35Between Edgerton and Gardner (US56 becomes Main St at Waverly Rd)


  4. W 135th St akaSanta Fe, Prairie Center Rd, K150 HWY


  5. 56 HWY - 199thCounty Line to Edgerton (199th becomes Morgan at Edgerton Rd aka W 8th St)


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