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  1. Netherlands
  2. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Holland
  3. Middle Colonies
  4. William Bradford
  5. English merchants
  1. a selected new governor
  2. b where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom
  3. c provided ship, supplies, and crew
  4. d Quakers
  5. e language, Dutch customs, not farmers

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  1. the official religion of England
  2. first governor of Plymouth
  3. very harsh, many died including governor
  4. tried to control the religion of the people of England
  5. had total religious freedom

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  1. Lord Baltimorefirst governor of Plymouth


  2. Georgialast of 13 colonies settled in 1732


  3. Connecticut River Valleycolonists went there for better farming, became Connecticut


  4. Plymouthcolony started in 1621


  5. English Quakersled by William Penn


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