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  1. Virginia
  2. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson
  3. Chief Massosoit
  4. James Oglethorpe
  5. Mayflower
  1. a orginial destination
  2. b set sail in 1620
  3. c came to like and trust the Pilgrim
  4. d disagreed with Puritans leaders, left to start own colony
  5. e leader of Georgia, wanted poor people of England to move there

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  1. the official religion of England
  2. where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom
  3. very harsh, many died including governor
  4. Puritans arrived
  5. tried to control the religion of the people of England

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  1. Southern ColoniesQuakers


  2. Thanksgivingorginial destination


  3. Delawareestablished in 1682 by William Penn


  4. Pennsylvaniameans "Penn's Woods"


  5. William BradfordEstablished Pennsylvania


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