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  1. Rhode Island Colony
  2. Georgia
  3. Miles Standish
  4. Delaware
  5. North Carolina
  1. a helped search for place to settle
  2. b had total religious freedom
  3. c established in 1682 by William Penn
  4. d Virginians settled it in 1650, needed land for tobacco crops
  5. e last of 13 colonies settled in 1732

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  1. came to greet Pilgrims
  2. first Thanksgiving celebration
  3. started as one colony, spilt in 1729
  4. only welcome others like them to colonies
  5. English Catholics and Protestants

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  1. Middle ColoniesQuakers


  2. Connecticut River Valleycolonists went there for better farming, became Connecticut


  3. Thanksgivingheld to celebrate harvest


  4. English Quakersled by William Penn


  5. stern and superstitiouscame to greet Pilgrims


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