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  1. English Quakers
  2. John Carver
  3. Southern Colonies
  4. bad weather
  5. Lord Baltimore
  1. a led by William Penn
  2. b English Catholics and Protestants
  3. c established Maryland with English Catholics
  4. d first governor of Plymouth
  5. e ship got off course and landed North

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  1. Catholics and Protestans were welcomed
  2. what happened to people who did not practice religion of the king
  3. very harsh, many died including governor
  4. Puritans and Pilgrims
  5. first Thanksgiving celebration

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  1. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinsondisagreed with Puritans leaders, left to start own colony


  2. Puritans's colonyMassachusetts Bay Colony


  3. James Oglethorpeship got off course and landed North


  4. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Hollandwhere Pilgrims first went for religious freedom


  5. North and South CarolinaVirginians settled it in 1650, needed land for tobacco crops


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