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  1. New England Colonies
  2. Lord Baltimore
  3. Mayflower Compact
  4. first winter
  5. in Pennsylvania
  1. a very harsh, many died including governor
  2. b list of rules for the Pilgrims to live by
  3. c other religions and nationalities were welcomed, many Germans came
  4. d Puritans and Pilgrims
  5. e established Maryland with English Catholics

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  1. started as one colony, spilt in 1729
  2. Massachusetts Bay Colony
  3. first Thanksgiving celebration
  4. helped search for place to settle
  5. English Catholics and Protestants

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  1. Delawareestablished in 1682 by William Penn


  2. Georgiaorginial destination


  3. John Carvership got off course and landed North


  4. Rhode Island Colonyhad total religious freedom


  5. colonistscolony started in 1621


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