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  1. North Carolina
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Connecticut River Valley
  5. English merchants
  1. a Virginians settled it in 1650, needed land for tobacco crops
  2. b colonists went there for better farming, became Connecticut
  3. c held to celebrate harvest
  4. d means "Penn's Woods"
  5. e provided ship, supplies, and crew

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  1. came to like and trust the Pilgrim
  2. helped search for place to settle
  3. led by William Penn
  4. English Catholics and Protestants
  5. last of 13 colonies settled in 1732

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  1. stern and superstitiouscame to greet Pilgrims


  2. New England Colonieshad total religious freedom


  3. persecutedwhat happened to people who did not practice religion of the king


  4. November 1621where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom


  5. Virginialast of 13 colonies settled in 1732


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