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  1. John Carver
  2. Mayflower Compact
  3. Delaware
  4. William Penn
  5. North Carolina
  1. a list of rules for the Pilgrims to live by
  2. b first governor of Plymouth
  3. c Virginians settled it in 1650, needed land for tobacco crops
  4. d Established Pennsylvania
  5. e established in 1682 by William Penn

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  1. leader of Georgia, wanted poor people of England to move there
  2. only welcome others like them to colonies
  3. means "Penn's Woods"
  4. established Maryland with English Catholics
  5. Pilgrims journeyed here next

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  1. Southern ColoniesQuakers


  2. Thanksgivingheld to celebrate harvest


  3. Virginiaorginial destination


  4. Squantostayed during planting season to help Pilgrims


  5. bad weatherset sail in 1620


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