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  1. in Pennsylvania
  2. first winter
  3. English merchants
  4. Mayflower
  5. Rhode Island Colony
  1. a very harsh, many died including governor
  2. b had total religious freedom
  3. c set sail in 1620
  4. d provided ship, supplies, and crew
  5. e other religions and nationalities were welcomed, many Germans came

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  1. Puritans and Pilgrims
  2. Catholics and Protestans were welcomed
  3. established Maryland with English Catholics
  4. built in 1670 because of harbor
  5. disagreed with Puritans leaders, left to start own colony

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  1. English Quakersled by William Penn


  2. Miles Standishhelped search for place to settle


  3. 1630know for tyring witches


  4. William Pennselected new governor


  5. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Hollandlanguage, Dutch customs, not farmers


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