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  1. Netherlands
  2. Plymouth
  3. Reasons didnt work in Netherlands/Holland
  4. English Quakers
  5. Maryland
  1. a where Pilgrims first went for religious freedom
  2. b language, Dutch customs, not farmers
  3. c Catholics and Protestans were welcomed
  4. d colony started in 1621
  5. e led by William Penn

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  1. started as one colony, spilt in 1729
  2. came to like and trust the Pilgrim
  3. what happened to people who did not practice religion of the king
  4. means "Penn's Woods"
  5. first Thanksgiving celebration

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  1. Connecticut River Valleyfirst governor of Plymouth


  2. New England ColoniesPuritans and Pilgrims


  3. Roger Williamsstarted colony of Rhode Island


  4. William Pennselected new governor


  5. DelawarePilgrims journeyed here next


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