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  1. culture shock
  2. cruise n.
  3. fill up the tank
  4. peak season
  5. slip road
  1. a the season when travel is most active and rates are highest
  2. b an ocean trip taken for pleasure
  3. c refuel fully
  4. d a short road giving access to an motorway
  5. e a feeling of confusion felt by someone visiting a country or place they do not know

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  1. a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
  2. an established line of travel or access
  3. without payment
  4. fly upwards or high in the sky
  5. To charge the battery completely

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  1. solitary adj.without anyone or anything else : not involving or including anyone or anything else


  2. through traina train which goes the whole length of a railway without stopping


  3. bypass n.a road that goes around a blocked or very crowded area, a city or town


  4. go on holidaytraveling on foot (kirándulni)


  5. unencumbered adj.not burdened with cares or responsibilities


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