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Glycogen Test

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  1. Insulin activates
  2. Mild fasting hypoglycemia
  3. In a Glucagon World, Protein kinase A
  4. Which disease has abnormal glycogen inclusion bodies?
  5. After a 12 hour fast at rest which enzymes are phosphorylated in the liver?
  1. a Protein Phosphatase
  2. b Hers
  3. c phosphorylates Glycogen Synthase (off) and phosphorylates Glycogen Phosphorylase (on)
  4. d Pompe
  5. e Phosphorylase, pyruvate kinase, and glycogen synthetase

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  1. Pompe
  2. you see enhanced glycogen synthetase
  3. Ca binding to calmodulin and PKA
  4. local control
  5. Inactive Glycogen Synthase, Active Phosphorylase kinase, and Active Glycogen Phosphorylase

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  1. Glycogen Synthase is dephosphorylated andactive (Glucagon World)


  2. muscle cramps/weakness when exceriseMcArdle


  3. Glucokinase catalyzes the conversion ofglucose to glucose-6-phosphate


  4. Where is Glucose 6 Phosphatase found and how does it function during the Glucagon World?It is found only in the liver and dephosphorylates Glucose 6 phosphate to glucose (allowing glucose to be released into the blood stream)


  5. In the Glucogen World liver glycogen functions as afuel source for the generation of ATP


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