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  1. Maintaining blood glucose 4 hours after a meal
  2. Liver Phosphorylase Kinase
  3. Debranching enzyme
  4. Why is Hexokinase inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphate?
  5. muscle cramps/weakness when excerise
  1. a it prevents the consumption of too much ATP to form Glucose 6 phosphate when excess glucose is around
  2. b Glycogenolysis
  3. c McArdle
  4. d Catalyzes a reaction that requires ATP
  5. e alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,4 transferase; alpha 1,6 glucosidase

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  1. phosphorylates Glycogen Synthase (off) and phosphorylates Glycogen Phosphorylase (on)
  2. Protein Phosphatase
  3. Von Gierke
  4. is induced in the liver to produce Glucose 6 Phosphate, which is then converted to glycogen
  5. high affinity, is always turned on, and is inhibited by Glucose 6 Phosphatase

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  1. Patient with large deposits of liver glycogen, after an overnight fast has shorter than normal branches due to this abnormalitycan't maintain blood glucose levels by glycogenolysis or gluconeogenesis


  2. Glucokinase is present onlyin muscle and adipocytes


  3. Defective Lysosomal Alpha 1,4 GlucosidaseMcArdle


  4. Glycogen Synthase is dephosphorylated andactive (Glucagon World)


  5. Epinephrine and Glucagon activatesProtein Kinase A


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